Proven Winning Formula Guarantees CEOs & Investors Of Publicly Listed Companies Enhanced Progress & Protection Of Their & Their Teams Achievement in Any Market


I’m Raamon Newman, Co-founder / CEO of New Mavericks.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how you can more easily & quickly get, protect and sustain breakthrough results without burnout.

Yes, you can in fact experience this, like our 10 year client below:

“Organizing the biggest deal in our corporate history involved long hours, tight time frames and multiple go / no-go hurdles & multiple possibilities for stress. Despite this, I personally felt like I was the eye of the storm…all is calm and relaxed! As a result, the deal fell into place. 

If you’re leading a small, medium or large business in this age of exponential change, and want to be in tune with change and leading change rather than a victim of it, you’ve got to have at least one call with Paolo and Raamon to truly know the deeper value they bring in enhancing and protecting leader’s achievement and progress.

Their wisdom, insights, support, and value has made a profound difference in enhancing my experience as a leader and is something I haven’t found anywhere else.”

Mark Waller

Former Chairman & CEO of EBOS Group

CEO of the Year 2010, New Zealand Business Hall of Fame 2019


How We Enhance & Protect Leaders & Their Achievement and Progress


Because of the consistently improving results our clients experience in partnership with us, over 80% of our clients have worked with us for 5-10 years, we’re able to guarantee you will accomplish your #1 goal in 90 days or we work for free until you do.


A CEO of one of the world’s top 100 companies was in a very conflicted state when we were introduced.

He’d come to realize his industry was having a very negative impact on him and his family’s well being, especially his teenage son who was about to have his 3rd open heart operation.

We had a CEO client who saw an opportunity to double the size of his $3 billion company through a reverse merger acquisition but was blocked by major shareholders.

Both these very experienced leaders were in challenging make or break circumstances that required a deeper level of support, than was currently available to them, to sustain and protect their vision, progress, relationships, health and reputation.

They both went through our leadership breakthrough protection process and here’s how we helped them:

  1. We helped the first CEO align with a deeper clearer purpose where he could have a more evolutionary impact on the world.

This enabled him to let go of his current role and transition to leading one of the biggest media companies in Europe in 90 days protecting him and his family’s health and supporting his son’s quick recovery.

      2. We helped the second CEO more fully and clearly own and express the reality he wanted to create.

This enabled his major shareholders to more fully understand how this M&A would improve the positioning, performance and stock price of the company creating more value for all stakeholders. They then felt more secure & positive in supporting his vision.

He was able to move forward to make the M&A work within 90 days. His company’s revenues and stock have more than doubled in the last 5 years since the M&A.


Many of these dangers and losses could have been averted before they arose had they had a deeper level of development, support and protection like what our leadership breakthrough protection process provides.

Stress causes these dangers and losses and costs US industry $300 billion a year due to absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, workers compensation & legal, medical & insurance costs.

According to the Gallup Wellbeing Index

45% of entrepreneurs report they’re stressed – 3% > other workers

Our time and field tested proven knowledge, techniques and technologies of our Leadership Protection Formula naturally, reliably and systematically enhances and sustains world-class brain functioning to go beyond stress so you don’t have to manage or avoid it.


We guarantee you’ll accomplish your #1 goal in 90 days working with us, or we work for free until you do, means we take full accountability with you for the results you want, so long as you fully implement what is required.

So we’ll do whatever it takes to help you purify any seen or unseen obstacles to achieving this #1 goal as soon as possible.

We’ll then help you protect & sustain breakthrough performance for as long as you want.


We’re not the traditional run-of-the-mill CEO, executive or leadership coaches.

More and more leaders realize even if you have all the skills, acumen, experience, team, connections and vision you still need to access and utilize more of your full mental potential to be more awake, alert and agile avert dangers and see opportunities as the rate of change accelerates.

We do this by helping leaders raise their consciousness, which is primary for taking right action that brings more health, wealth and support for what you envision.


Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg didn’t think they needed a coach to be a CEO, after all they’d lead one of the most prolific company’s this century.

That changed very quickly when they realized the tremendous value of having one as they share in the video below.

“The key insight of a coach is they get you to believe you can do something that you can’t currently do today and when you screw up they guide you to that excellence.”

Eric Schmidt, Former CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011

Their take away question from their experience is if you want to improve as a CEO, “are you coachable?”

Any person or team who has risen to the top in any field, and stayed there for a significant time, has always had a great coach, mentor, partner or advisor, someone behind the scenes supporting, guiding, optimizing & protecting them in their process.

Because of the constant disruption the “age of acceleration” creates we’ve realized leaders require a deeper level of support beyond just coaching and skills development.

Our accelerated age requires New Maverick leaders who are more awake, alert and agile to be in tune with leading the changes required.

We’re former top competitive athletes and entrepreneurs who became full-time meditating monks for a combined total of 25 years and through this intensive development evolved into being silent breakthrough protection partners to leaders of multi million and billion revenue companies over the last 20 years…hence why we call ourselves New Mavericks.

THE SCIENCE OF PROTECTION (of leaders achievement & progress)

We’ve turned what we do into a science we call the Science of Protection (of leaders achievement & progress).

This science is applied through the six components of our Leadership Protection Formula that are:

1. Purification of stresses, vices, conflicts & obstacles to have simplicity and energy to accelerate progress.

2. Coherence to have more clarity to connect the dots faster & be steadfast under pressure.

3. Leadership State to be awake to the truth that averts danger and enhances progress.

4. Capacity to have heighten awareness, steadfast focus & mental agility to handle any situation.

5. Spontaneous Right Action to have timely action in tune with what is required

6. Deserving Power to have the good merit to get, protect and keep what you want

This new science of leadership helps leaders have protection from obstacles and problems inside and outside themselves and their organizations before they arise.

This helps you experience very little resistance, if any, to accomplishing as much as you want for as long as they want… while keeping their health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation intact.

This is fundamentally achieved by:

1. Increasing calm, orderliness and coherence within you & your company &

2. Decreasing noise, disorder and incoherence 


“In the vicinity of coherence, hostile negative influences are diminished & neutralized”

This is a law of physics, The Meisner Effect. It is  achieved through applying time & field tested proven knowledge, techniques and technologies, which then naturally creates protected sustained breakthrough performance.


According to a Hay Group Study, leaders had up to a 70% influence on the climate and culture of the company, creating a 28% difference in the bottom line. 

What we do is help you:

  • Access more of your potential to optimize your mental performance & productivity, which is backed by world class brain development science.
  • Clarify and focus your vision so you see the best possibilities for growth inside and outside your company
  • Have greater ability to see through the noise and feel more certainty and ease.

Enabling you to:

  • More clearly read the game to
  • Be in tune with the changes required to
  • Create sustainable progress.

Research reported in a Harvard Business Review article Maximizing Your Return On People” found:

“Companies with higher scores for their investment in human capital delivered stock returns that were five times higher than companies with less emphasis.”


1. We implement our proprietary time and field tested proven world-class leadership brain activation process which gives you even more clarity to think better and know what’s required to sustain breakthrough progress.

Leadership development is really about development of coherence between heart, mind and brain to feel, see and know the best way to lead things forward.

Leaders who have the most coherence between these human faculties:

a) lead things forward in the best most sustained and protected way possible for everyone

b) have more support from their team and marketplace because they see the bigger picture and the finer details to fulfill that vision.

2. Our process involves a highly personalized program based on the magnitude of your specific circumstances and goals and is implemented in 2-3 hours per month through:

a) One hour phone calls every two weeks (with both myself and business partner)

b) 10-min on-demand calls for special situations that require extra attention.

c) Approaches that help you quickly & easily make the best decisions, remove obstacles, protect your health and enhance support for what you envision.

3. We start with a 30 day trusting building period so you experience the transformational value we deliver, then proceed based on your top priority & our guarantee and review after 90 days.


To read about our clients experiences go to case studies which include:

– We helped one CEO help his company go from $1.3B to $7.6B in 7 years accomplishing nearly six times more than the previous 25 years.

– Another CEO was struggling to breakeven with a few franchise stores after seven years in business, then accelerated to 25 stores in 4 years working with us.

– Two 20 year old companies were on the verge of closing down, they experienced more progress in 12 months than they had in the previous 3 years working with us.

– Another leader was getting a 100% close rate of major deals.

– A GM had rapid drop in staff turnover and increase in team engagement leading to his division experiencing the fastest growth within their group.

– We warned one leader if they didn’t make some changes and get extra protection they could lose their entire business. They said they had a good plan and then 9 months later they lost their $80 million business.

Fortunately, they were open enough to our support then and we were able to help them bounce back regain their 8-figure fortune within 24 months.

We’ve found that leaders who don’t want to develop even more of their inner capacity to be more awake, alert and agile to feel, see and know what is required in the age of acceleration have less protection & support for their vision and experience a stagnation and slump in performance.

On average our clients gain more momentum in 3-4 months in partnership with us than a year without this kind of development & protection support.


If you want to experience more sustained breakthrough progress in less time I recommend booking a 30 minute Discovery call so we can learn more about you and the sustained breakthrough progress you want in the next 90 days and beyond. 


The 3 Core Benefits of Our CEO Breakthrough Protection Program

You’ll ​experience more invincibility with ​their​ health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation working with us, enabling you to:

1. Enhance & protect your company’s top & bottom lines, leading to higher remuneration increases,​ ​with less stress and resistance.

2. ​Have a shield of protection around your decision making to avert problems, obstacles, losses, threats & disruptions before they arise or quickly transform them into opportunities when they do.

3. ​Have a​ clearer vision you fully own, believe and trust ​to​ increase engagement, coordination and support from your team and market, ​so ​you to achieve more doing less.


Over 50 top CEOs & Execs Served in Getting Protected Sustained Breakthrough Performance

We have 20 years experience as globally trusted Leadership Breakthrough Protection Partners to over 50 top CEOs & execs of multi million and billion revenue companies giving them more of an X-factor to enhance and protect their progress through our X-factor development, training and experience that we pass on to our clients, which includes:

Over 30,000 hours helping leaders work on themselves so they better work on and in their business.

Over 20,000 hours training and performing as former top competitive athletes.

Over 70,000 hours (combined total of 25 years) as full-time meditating monks developing greater energy, clarity capacity, coherence, stability and insights that we pass onto to our clients so they can enjoy the same.

Being backed by a team of top integrative doctors and neuroscientists

This is why we can guarantee your top priority breakthrough in 90 days or less, or we work for free until you do, and then help you protect and sustain that breakthrough progress beyond 90 days.

If you’re looking to more easily and quickly create protected sustained breakthrough performance & progress then we look forward to helping you enhance your ability to do this.


If you want to experience more sustained breakthrough progress in less time I recommend booking a 30 minute Discovery call so we can learn more about you and the sustained breakthrough progress you want in the next 90 days and beyond.

Thanks again for your time, I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Consider these questions before we speak:

1. If you could change one thing about your leadership, business or life right now what would it be?

2. What would your business and life look like in 90 days and a year from now assuming everything was exactly as you wanted it?

3. Where do you think your business / leadership will be in a year from now if you don’t change your current situation and get the support you want?


The real bottom line is that higher sustained breakthrough performance comes from how well you’re developing, accessing & utilizing your & others full inner & outer potential to have better awareness & execution in creating better products, services, strategy, culture and revenues in less time. This is especially important in the age of acceleration.

Why Getting Mindset Right Is More Important Than Strategy & Products

Getting mindset right first is the most powerful influence in making strategy and products work even better because 80-90% of achievement is based on mindset and having the agility to be in tune with changes required.

How do you know you’re invincible and can prevent what happened to GE, Blockbuster, Sears or CEOs who have fallen during the accelerated change of the last 10 years?

People want to do business with people who first have a great mindset and agility.

This is why leaders must continually develop a stronger more coherent mind as the basis of creating better strategy & products.

You can have great strategy, products, focus and take massive action but if the minds of the leaders aren’t right you won’t get the traction, progress & support you expect.

Why Being a High Performance Leader is Not Enough

You know how sometimes you can have a clear vision for what you want to see happen yet not get full support for it to actually happen?

Delays, go-no go hurdles, unseen problems and obstacles cause loss of time, money and energy that make you feel like you’re going backwards or sideways?

Or maybe you achieve what you want and then that achievement gets diminished in someway due to:

  • health & stress issues
  • personal or professional misfortune
  • key partnerships or key players leaving causing deals to go sideways
  • reputation being attacked or
  • repercussions of past decisions showing up

These pitfalls, which are increasing likely due to the accelerating rate of change in the world, means being a high performance leader is not enough.

Today, all leaders require an extra level & boost of development, support & protection that allows their high performance to become more invincible, which means not able to be overcome by any internal or external stress, incoherence, resistance or negativity.

IMAGINE being completing supported and protected before, during and after you achieve and progress so you can one, build on it, two, not suffer in the process, and three, fully enjoy the process!

#1 Common CEO Mistake

We’ve found over the last two decades that the #1 common CEO mistake leaders fall into is thinking it’s just working smarter harder and longer on and in their business that will make the biggest difference.

This is what we call an effect-based approach which is less effective than a cause-based approach.

“Leadership creates advantage. Leaders who fail to innovate and change will be replaced by those who do, and organizations that fail to stretch themselves by thinking and acting differently will simply cede opportunity to others who more readily embrace change.”N2Growth.com Forbes List of Top Executive Search Firms for three consecutive years (ranking #7 globally in 2018)

As a leader you’re already good at business, you’ve proven that to be in this position.

Therefore the breakthrough edge you gain working on yourself is even more X-Factor Mindset Agility which means you’ll have more energy, capacity, coherence, clarity, creativity, stability, belief, simplicity, courage, truthfulness, morality, deserving and fulfillment that gives you timely breakthrough insights about yourself, others and the market you serve.

This is what allows you to be more effective working on and in your business because you see and create better opportunities and are more able to solve and improve processes and structural problems more easily and efficiently.

Time and time again we’ve found it’s “who the leader is becoming, not what they’re doing” that has the most power influence on improving their process and objectives.

We’ve helped top CEO’s & executives have greater X-Factor mindset agility, support & protection to overcome time pressure & people issues to achieve their next big milestone feeling more comfortable, settled, secure, supported, and in charge without the stress, fear of failure, working crazy hours, burnout and having to look over their shoulder all the time.

Every leader requires consistent quality attention, support and protection for their core intentions to be fulfilled. Like Arnold says:

“There will be times you don’t have the answer or drive, & you’re forced to look beyond yourself.

I am not a self-made man. I got a lot of help”.  

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Like a Mastermind, when two or more minds come together it creates a third invisible and more invincible mind to feel, see and know better possibilities of how to progress.

This is the power of what we do which is amplified by our over 70,000 hours (25 years combined) experience developing X-factor mindset agility as full-time meditating monks.

“We help courageous CEO’s have indomitable self-awareness, energy, clarity, belief and creativity through timely individualized out-of-the-box insights & support (you can’t find online, in books or at seminars) to achieve breakthrough results in the fastest most protected way possible.”

Raamon Newman, Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer, New Mavericks

“We have the skill of knowing what is going on with leaders and what they MUST KNOW & DO to transform their awareness to create positive effective & engaging relationships, have good fortune in market fluctuations and disruptions and long successful tenures in good health (mentally, emotionally & physically). We’re able to deliver the insights required to achieve these in 30-60 minutes or less.”

Paolo D’Angelo, Co-Founder / Chief Development Officer, New Mavericks

Investing in Your Development is the Basis for Others Investing In You

Having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our own development we know it’s not always easy to justify investing in Self even though it’s ultimately worth it because investing in yourself ultimately supports others investing in you also. 

“Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll ever make in your life. There’s no financial investment that’ll ever match it because if you develop more skill, more ability, more insight, more capacity, that’s what’s going to really prove economic freedom.

– Warren Buffet