We help high performance motivated CEOs achieve breakthrough progress in less time without burnout or overwhelm


Over 50 top CEOs & executives served on four continents in getting breakthrough protected progress through developing even more mental capacity, stability and agility that inspired more support for what they want to see happen.

We solve the problem of how leaders buy Lyrica tablets can achieve what they want in the time they want and as much as they want for as long they want through outside the box support they’re not aware of.

If you don’t believe investing in developing your and people’s mental & emotional capacity, stability, agility and skill produces a significant ROI you’d be wise to be open to a better perspective based on the research below and can i buy prednisone at walmart  our clients results working with us over the last two decades:

A Harvard Business Review article called  “Maximizing Your Return On People” found a strong correlation between leadership skill and bottom line:

“Companies with higher scores for their investment in human capital delivered stock returns that were five times higher than companies with less emphasis on human capital.”


You know how sometimes you can have a clear vision for what you want to see happen yet not get full support for it to actually happen?

Delays, go-no go hurdles, unseen problems and obstacles cause loss of time, money and energy that make you feel like you’re going backwards or sideways?

Or maybe you achieve what you want and then that achievement gets diminished in someway due to:

  • health & stress issues
  • personal or professional misfortune
  • key partnerships or key players leaving causing deals to go sideways
  • reputation being attacked or
  • repercussions of past decisions showing up

These pitfalls, which are increasing likely due to the accelerating rate of change in the world, means being a high performance leader is not enough.

Today, all leaders require an extra level & boost of development, support & protection that allows their high performance to become INVINCIBLE PERFORMANCE.

IMAGINE being completing supported and protected before, during and after you achieve and progress so you can one, build on it, two, not suffer in the process, and three, actually fully enjoy it!

#1 Common CEO Mistake

We’ve found over the last two decades that the #1 common CEO mistake leaders fall into is thinking it’s just working smarter harder and longer on and in their business that will make the biggest difference.

This is what we call an effect-based approach which is less effective than a cause-based approach.

“Leadership creates advantage. Leaders who fail to innovate and change will be replaced by those who do, and organizations that fail to stretch themselves by thinking and acting differently will simply cede opportunity to others who more readily embrace change.”N2Growth.com Forbes List of Top Executive Search Firms for three consecutive years (ranking #7 globally in 2018)

In actual fact, it’s when a leader works on themselves that allows them to be more effective working on and in their business leading them to seeing and creating better opportunities, solving and improving processes and structural problems more easily and efficiently.

Time and time again we’ve found it’s who the leader is becoming, not what they’re doing, that has the most power influence on improving their process and objectives.

What We Do

What we do is provide a CEO Results Assurance & Protection program that ensures you get maximum support for what you want to see happen, so it actually happens, and you or your achievement is not corrupted, diminished or lost in the process or after you achieve it.

In fact, this is what allowed one of our clients to accomplish nearly six times more in 7 years than his previous 25 years as CEO.

We help top CEO’s and leaders have greater awareness (mental capacity, stability and agility) to overcome time pressure & people issues to achieve their next big milestone feeling completely comfortable, settled, secure, supported, and in charge without the stress, fear of failure, having to look over their shoulder all the time or working crazy hours… 

We do this through our Science of Protection of Achievement which ensures you get maximum support for what you want to see happen without you or your achievement being corrupted, diminished or lost in the process or after you achieve it.

PROTECTION IS PREVENTION, prevention of what you don’t want to happen so what you want actually happens with minimal stress, delays and obstacles.

If you’re looking to experience this and/or tired of any of the following situations:

  1. Tired of being unsure if you and your team is doing or can do what is required to enhance & protect progress.
  2. Tired of feeling like you have to look over your shoulder for threats or to check on others.
  3. Tired of B players affecting your A players & defecting to the competition.
  4. Tired of not getting full receptivity and support for what you want to see happen.

We can definitely help…

We both know it’s one thing to have a compelling vision, it’s another thing to have maximum receptivity, support, assurance and protection for that vision to become reality.

AS GLOBALLY TRUSTED OUTSIDE PARTNERS TO CEOS & EXECUTIVES we implement time & field tested proven inside leadership development knowledge, techniques, and technologies so leaders have MAXIMUM receptivity, support, assurance, and protection for what they want to see happen. 

In fact, this is what allowed one of our clients to take his company from $1.3B to $7.6B in the space of 7 years. Accomplishing nearly six times more than he did in the previous 25 years as CEO.

GUILTY CONFESSION: Five years ago our service wasn’t able to stop the repercussions of leaders past poor decisions & actions coming back to them, even though they were making great progress in the present: 

  • One leader had a life changing health issue suddenly happen
  • One had a hostile takeover of a company he started
  • Another wasn’t able to make his multi-hundred million dollar M&A deals work
  • Another had a $2 million loan pulled from under them in the middle of a project
  • And one had to liquidate a business when originally they thought they were going to merge with another company

It sucked for them and us. What did we do about it?

We built in more assurance & protection to neutralize the negativity, minimize the suffering and enhance receptivity and support for what they wanted to see happen.

The result, all these clients were able to bounce back fast, some saying it was a miracle they even survived and went on to accomplish multiple times more in a shorter period of time than they were able to in the past.

Our clients appreciate and respect us for positively disrupt their thinking in a straight forward honest and supportive way.

We help our clients quickly grasp the deeper truth that will help evolve themselves and easily overcome any challenges they face because they have the right timely knowledge and truth.

We’re able to do this due to our unique development and because we want what is best and highest for them.

TELL US what leadership result you want to see happen in the next 90 days and we’ll help you create even more receptivity, support, assurance and protection for it to actually happen!

Who This Is For

Our service is for you if you meet the follow criteria:

  1. You’re the primary leader and influencer on the performance of their business.
  2. You understand and own the fact your business’s progress is primarily a reflection of how you are performing.
  3. You know without a shadow of a doubt that investing in developing yourself more fully and deeply is the greatest most powerful assured ROI investment you’ll ever make.
  4. You have a specific result that you’re totally committed to, that is of utmost importance to you and you want to experience this result within the next 12 months.

  5. You’re open to proven outside experts helping you get the result you want sooner rather than later.

  6. You’re totally willing and happy to make the substantial up front investment required to ensure you get the specific utmost important result you’re totally committed to sooner rather than later, knowing the cost of the investment is small compared to the total value you’ll gain from getting the result you want.

This is not for those who are:

  1. Timid, limited and not committed to investing in themselves as the greatest assured ROI investment they can make.
  2. Not open and closed minded to having a two decade proven outside team that can assure and protect their progress.

Would you like to more fully lead and support your people & marketplace so your people & marketplace even more fully support you so you experience even more assured and protected progress in the next 12 months?

If so, you’d be very wise to jump on a call with us ASAP to learn how this is completely possible!

To schedule a quick chat please complete this quick 10 question application and book a call on our calendar or call +1-323-742-2225 or email support@newmavericks.com

Manifesting Your Most Successful Leadership Destiny

As a leader in this age of acceleration, you want to be able to manifest your most successful leadership destiny as smoothly and assuredly as possible with minimal stress, friction, and resistance to:

  • create revolutionary results;
  • experience financial freedom and abundance for yourself and everyone around you; 
  • accomplish more in less time with more support: 
  • attract high quality prosperous, truthful and coherent relationships; 

While also:

  • being protected from the wrong end of market fluctuations and industry disruptions; 
  • enjoying a long highly successful fulfilling tenure with good health and reputation. 

Your most successful leadership destiny means:

Whatever you want to see happen actually happens! 

You want your leadership journey to be like the greatest leaders of all time, or at least the greatest it can be in your own mind and others you work with, and then share it with the next generation. 

The question is do you truly want to fully fulfill your leadership destiny or be ok with a less than fully fulfilled?

The good news is you can fully fulfill your leadership destiny and don’t even have to fully believe it’s possible. You can even be doubtful and skeptical and it can still work out. 

Why? Because when you maximize your leadership capacity, coherence & support your destiny will naturally unfold with maximum assurance and protection.

Utilizing More of What You Already Have

This higher level of leadership capacity, coherence & support is already hardwired in you, you’ve already been using a good degree of it to make big and small decisions to get to where you are today. 

By utilizing even 10-15% more of your innate leadership capacity, coherence & support you can experience a dramatic shift in seeing your arrows (thoughts, ideas, and intentions) more completely, quickly and accurately hit their target with greater support from your team and marketplace.

All you have to do is put aside what you think you know, so you don’t do a Kodak or Blockbuster or Sears and deflect, dismiss and delay proven value, and have enough sincere genuine spirit of enquiry and open mindedness to entertain a new level of leadership understanding and approaches to get, protect and keep what you want and let the results speak for themselves.


Develop even more leadership capacity and coherence and make smart smooth evolutionary gains!


Don’t develop your leadership capacity and coherence and experience the same limited gains, diminishing gains or a total collapse in performance = the hard stressful rough lessons way!

This Won’t Take Long

Figuring out and living your most successful leadership destiny is not going to take decades because firstly, we’ve taken the hard knocks, gone through the purification and done donkey work to iron out the chinks to living your most successful leadership destiny so what you’re getting is time & field-tested proven value that delivers amazing results.

Secondly, enhancing leadership capacity, coherence & support is infinitely more power than just working harder and trying to acquire the latest new skill or communication style.

We’re giving you a HUGE shortcut to getting full receptivity & support for what you want to see happen and protecting and keeping it.

One of our clients accomplished almost six times more in 7 years than he did in the previous 25 years through this deeper more profound leadership support, completely fulfilling his most successful leadership destiny.

It’s going to be more like flipping an invisible invincible switch by simply integrating some new knowledge, techniques, and technologies into your current leadership know-how and you’ll become a leader who enjoys the most fully manifested fulfilled successful leadership destiny that many people will benefit from.

Time & Field-Tested Proven Value

What is it worth to you as a leader to know whatever you want to see happen actually happens?

For the last two decades, we’ve served over 50 top CEOs and key executives of 8-10 figure revenue companies on four continents. 80% of our clients have worked with us for 5-10+ years due to our ability to help them achieve consistent improving results, like 430% plus growth in revenues and profits over a 7 year period in a tight margin very conservative industry.

Through our development, experience & FULL implementation of time & field-tested knowledge, techniques, technologies, and approaches we’re able to expand any leaders & high performers capacity so whatever they want to see happen has even more full support, assurance, and protection to actually happen, in less time & with minimal doubt, fear or resistance.

We’ve spent over 40,000 hours working with leaders on themselves, their deepest vision and issues (we deeply understand human nature and the leadership mindset), and giving leaders the higher knowledge, techniques, and technologies to support, assure and protect the results they want to see happen.

We’re able to do this due to our background as former top competitive athletes (over 20,000 hours = super fit), and former full-time meditating monks (over 70,000 hours = mentally and emotionally strong, truthful & coherent). 

This inner and outer bounty of experience and development has given us a unique expanded & heightened mental, emotional and physical capacity to:

  • more fully see & know the deeper truth of what is really going on to assure & protect your success
  • what is required to evolve you and any situation you may be facing quickly & easily
  • enhance & save untold time, money, energy, ROI, key talent, relationships, and reputation.

In this age of accelerated change, when a leader says no or quickly dismisses, deflects or delays implementing new proven value to develop themselves and their business to be more in tune with change, they’re literally unconsciously causing a demise for themselves and company, and end up like Kodak, Blockbuster, Toys”RUs & Sears.

Utilizing new proven value gives you more assurance and protection going forward!

Protection is not just a nice principle

It’s a tangible benefit that means:

  • You have the capacity and coherence to handle the responsibility and pressure to progress without corrupting or diminishing yourself and others, your business, quality relationships, reputation, health, wealth and happiness in the process.
  • Averting or at least minimizing costly mistakes.
  • You get to keep what you’ve already got, so you can build on it.
  • Ensuring the decisions you’re making are going to impact the future in the best possible way.
  • Your leadership vision gets full receptivity/support it deserves because others see what you see and buy into it rather than having the frustrating thought “why can’t they see what I see”.
  • You’re leading based on the whole truth, not a partial truth.
  • When you conceive an idea it will be protected from it’s inception until you achieve it and after you achieve it.

We don’t just have our clients share their experiences because it’s social proof that validates our creditability, we do it mainly because: 

  1. It’s the natural selfless thing to do when you’ve benefited so much from something. We live in a value giving & sharing economy and those who give and value share the most and best are the ones who prevail in a better way. 
  2. It helps leverage, amplify and magnify the benefits even more for themselves and others by sharing them.
  3. It helps them integrate, ground and acknowledge the experience they’ve created for themselves so they own it, build on it and don’t fall back.
  4. We know many leaders can have an even better more assured and protected leadership experience, meaning they don’t have to get beat up by stuff they don’t have to and do things the hard way.
  5. Finally, from our side, this is our natural duty and purpose and they’re helping us continue to help other leaders have a better leadership experience as they are.

Every leader wants to BREAKTHROUGH, BOOST & BULLETPROOF their and their company’s progress. This primarily does NOT come from improving the hardware (products & services) or the software (systems, processes, relationships). It comes from enhancing the humanware, the COHERENCE & CAPACITY of the leaders to have the better thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions that improve the hardware and software of the company to better serve the market.

We Don’t Know Anything till We Experience It

To be fair to you and ourselves, even though our clients share their experiences as best they can to give you a hint of what it’s like working with us, you won’t really know what we’re actually offering until you experience it yourself. 

This is natural because nobody really knows anything until they’ve truly experienced it. You and I know you’ve got so much going on in your mind with the responsibility you have you don’t have the bandwidth to go deep in finding out the proven value we offer right away, correct?

Here’s a secret: Having worked with CEOs and their teams on four different continents plus observing what has been happening to other CEOs around the world these last two decades of exponential change…we know leaders can lose in some shape or form their health, wealth, happiness, key talent, relationships and reputation when they are quick to dismiss, deflect and say no to something that has proven value in enhancing, assuring and protecting their and their company’s achievement and progress. For example:

  • Kodak delayed and said no to digital photography because they didn’t believe people would not want to develop photos.
  • Blockbuster said no to acquiring Netflix because they believed they didn’t add any greater value to video distribution.
  • Theranos convinced themselves and major investors it had a better way of blood sampling only to delude themselves and the investors in the end.
  • We approached a billionaire in 2015 to work with us, he quickly dismissed it and one year later he and his company were in bankruptcy.
  • An award-winning CEO stopped working with us, and for 5 months his M&A deals weren’t working out till he resumed work with us. 

I’m not saying these types of things will happen to you as a leader… but they very well could. Believe it or not, you and I are responsible for ensuring that these types of misjudgments don’t happen or at least less likely to happen.

If you knew that you would get an extra 10-15% edge and boost of support that would make all the difference in assuring and bulletproofing what you want to see happen to a degree of 75-100%, like getting over 480% growth in revenues like one of our clients, wouldn’t you think twice about quickly dismissing, deflecting or delaying the opportunity to experience this?

Leaders require the deeper insights, capacity & coherence in this age of acceleration to at least avert being the next Kodak, Blockbuster, Toys”R”Us or Sears demise story!

Kodak and Blockbuster had the opportunity to lead the way in their industries at the turn of century.  Unfortunately, the capacity of the leaders couldn’t see and embrace the new way of doing things and they deflected, dismissed and delayed to the point of eroding their competitive advantage to zero.

If you want to avert this happening and enjoy even more assured and protected success you need to act fast and start implementing proven ways to enhance your and your team’s leadership capacity.

On your journey of being a leader in this exponentially changing, challenging & stressful world would you like experience even more invincible success (success on all levels) where you feel little or no need to look over your shoulder stressing about what might happen?

The challenge of having the #1 responsibility to move a business forward

The challenge is dealing with a world that is going through exponential change, affirmed by the fact 52% of the businesses on the Fortune 500 in 2000 are no longer on this list today.

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” – Bill Gates

In the last 10 years top CEOs & execs aged 30-60 of top companies like Samsung, Nintendo, Relativity, Fonterra, Deutsch Bank, Apple, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Fox News, ESPN , Tata Motors, Uber, Wells Fargo, Papa John’s, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft & Theranos have lost either their position, health, wealth, happiness, relationships or reputation due to health problems, lack of performance or unethical behavior & conflict issues.

Key-person insurance is a useful retroactive approach in helping a leader and company recover from damage or loss of a valuable key player in the growth of a company.

Imagine proactively assuring and protecting your upside results while also minimizing downside reactions. 

We have a proven track record of assuring & protecting CEOs & key executives achievement and progress while averting the loss of:

  • time, money & energy
  • ROI & shareholder value
  • key talent
  • reputation.

We are results based. You can speak directly with our clients to verify their results & experiences and/or read about them via the download above & reviews below.

Our goal is your invincible success as a leader, which means giving you the deeper knowledge, truth, techniques, and technologies so you accomplish more in less time with less stress & resistance and more support while enhancing and protecting your health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation is in the process.

What is the one big win you’d like to see happen ASAP?

Based on our two-decade proven track record we’d like to serve you in assuring your big win happens and you’re well protected in the process.  Imagine knowing and experiencing your success being assured & protected, so it becomes invincible success in health (mentally, emotionally & physically), wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation. 

Through our proven experience, knowledge, techniques, technologies and heightened awareness to know what’s really going on and what is required we can help you more easily fulfill your next big milestone while averting and neutralizing the stress and suffering of compromising your own well being in the process.

Through your willingness to adapt, make the necessary adjustments & implement what is required, we can assure you the results you want in your leadership role.

What’s it worth knowing your success is ensured & highly protected?
What will it cost you if your success is corrupted, diminished or lost in some way?

Click the image below to get a boost of leadership clarity that assures and protects the results you want to see happen in 60 mins:

Below is the scope of who we like to work with ideally:
1. Leaders leading 8-10 figure annual revenue companies in life supporting industries.
2. Leaders who have gone, or want to go from good to great, and protect and enhance their greatness in the process rather than experience what leaders of the likes of Kodak, Blockbuster, Circuit City, Xerox, Enron etc. experienced.
3. Leaders who are working on a major project they really want to see happen, like a major merger and/or acquisition or funding, and want the accomplishment to be more assured and protected in less time with less stress & friction and more support.
4. Leaders who have seen or unseen obstacles that are frustrating their ability to achieve and progress even when they’re putting in all the good effort they can.
5. Leaders who are in a dire straits situation and want the negativity to be neutralized so they can bounce back quickly. 


I’m sure you’ll agree it’s no good having a great business vehicle and go from good to great and then not having the full support and protection to assure you and the business reach it’s full potential.
To work with us all you have to be is open and meet the following criteria:
  • lead a multi-million or billion revenue company in a life-supporting industry
  • are courageous, bold and open to positively disruptive innovation 
  • humble and open to learning and more deeply developing yourself and team
  • respects the importance of creating invincible success in health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation as a leader in this exponentially changing world
  • honors, respects and appreciates all those supporting them
  • have a strong conviction and perseverance for what you stand for & want see happen
  • wants to do what is most evolutionary for yourself, team and the world

Why achieve & progress only for it to be corrupted, diminished or lost in some way?

The stats below indicate being confident and competent may not be enough in an exponentially changing business world to protect your achievement and progress.

  • According to collated research in a Harvard Business Review report, the failure rate for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) sits between 70 percent and 90 percent.
  • Of the Fortune 500 firms in 1955 versus 2015; only 12% remain.
  • Since 2000, 52% of the companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, ceased to exist, or dropped off the list.
  • 2 out of every 5 CEO’s fail within the first 18-months –Booze Allen Hamilton Business Study

We enhance & protect leaders achievement & progress by developing even more of their THOUGHT POWER, which is clearer, more coherent, creative thoughts, ideas and insights at the right time backed by good energy and feeling.

This is the source of what drives better leadership progress.

Enhanced capacity & coherence:

  • averts, neutralizes & reduces internal & external stresses, enemies, vices & incoherence that cause loss of time, money, energy, ROI, key talent & relationships, shareholder value, and most importantly health & reputation. 
  • enhances & protects health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation.
  • overcomes challenges with greater speed and ease and with less expense.
  • gives leaders a more complete and balanced view to make the best decisions. 

We’ve been working with 80% of our clients for 5-10 years because of the consistent value we provide combined with their consistent implementation of our process to get consistent improving results that lead to even more invincible success in their health, wealth, happiness, relationships & reputation. (see client experiences below).

Our Science of Protection provides an invincible foundation to protect & enhance your Science of Achievement (what you conceive, believe & achieve), ensuring more invincible success in the short and long term.

Fully implementing the Science of Protection you will experience:

  • even more revolutionary results
  • higher quality truthful coherent and prosperous relationships
  • protection and good fortune in industry disruptions and market fluctuations and
  • a long successful tenure in good health and reputation.
(The best time to engage with us is when things are going great so you can more fully protect and enhance what you’ve attained. We can certainly help you bounce back from a crisis if you’re in one, as we’ve done a number of times with clients, however, why be reactive when you can be proactive?)

Why Leadership Assurance & Protection is Important?

A leader and their leaders have the primary influence on a company’s performance.

Whatever leaders are feeling, seeing, knowing, saying and doing has a huge effect on them and everyone around them, consciously and sub-consciously.

If a leader is projecting lack and fear then lack and fear are reflected back to them.

If a leader is projecting value, new possibility and abundance then that gets reflected back.

As the primary influencer of your business you want to ensure you gain (not just financially, but also mentally, emotionally, physically and goodwill wise) from what you’re doing and are not sabotaged, self sabotaging or high jacked by your or others ego and get caught in something that isn’t aligned to your inner why and purpose.

The Blanchard Companies studied 2,004 respondents (2003-2006) and found that developing leadership bench strength as their number one issue.

Their follow up study in 2006 of over 1,400 leaders and executives found the following five top things leaders failed to do:

1. Give the right feedback (positive or constructive correction)

2. Listen to or involve others in the process

3. Use a leadership style appropriate to person, task and situation

4. Set clear goals and objectives

5. Train and develop their people

#5 should actually be #1 above, because when you train and develop yourself and people they’re more likely to do the other four things.

The Center for Creative Leadership in 2009 said that based on numerous in-depth studies that:

“organizations who invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t.”

Investing in leadership development they found:

  • Improves bottom-line financial performance
  • Attracts & retains talent
  • Drives a performance culture
  • Increases organizational agility

Another independent research firm Bersin & Associates found:

“it is hard to find a company that has survived many economic cycles that doesn’t have a sophisticated leadership development strategy in place.”

A Harvard Business Review article called “Maximizing Your Return On People” found a strong correlation between leadership skill and bottom line:

“Companies with higher scores for their investment in human capital delivered stock returns that were five times higher than companies with less emphasis on human capital.”

Fortune magazine stated:

“The greatest shortage of all is skilled, effective managers.”

Right Management Consultants found:

“77% of companies say that don’t have enough successors to their current senior managers.”

They also found:

“the number one skill companies seek in managers is ‘the ability to motivate and engage others’.”

All this evidence points to one thing, leaders have to continuously develop themselves mentally, emotionally and physically to rise to and overcome the challenges to greater achievement and progress.

The ability to handle more leadership responsibility and growth doesn’t just come from your IQ, or just your EQ or your just your technical skill. 

It’s developing more of what we call your coherence capacity (CQ, if you like) that gives you more leadership skill to motivate, coordinate, resolve and achieve the next level of success we call invincible success.

Continuously developing your coherence capacity is how you ensure you are the most powerful positive progressive and protective primary influencer of your team, company, market, and industry.

Coherence, specifically global alpha coherence, means all-encompassing coherence inside and outside yourself. This is the coherence between your:

  • heart, mind (conscious & sub-conscious) & gut feelings
  • lower instinctual brain and higher moral brain
  • right brain creative instincts and left brain logical execution
  • fight/flight amygdala and strategic decision making pre-frontal cortex
  • between your team and the needs and desires of your clients, customers, vendors, and marketpthe lace.

It’s that profound coherence between the inner truth of who you are, your purpose, and your actions that project who you are and fulfill your purpose. 

It’s also coherence between your ability to see the bigger long-term picture and the finer short-term details required to fulfill that bigger picture.

It’s an all-encompassing coherence across all hemisphere’s of the brain as found in research on world-class athletes, musicians, and business leaders.

It’s this kind of coherence that allows you to more fully trust yourself in making decisions that ensure you’re on the path to experiencing more and more invincible success in your health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation as a leader.

Capacity means the degree to which you have developed and are utilizing your sub-conscious and conscious mental, emotional, physical, and technical intelligence, and potential in any given moment to have right thoughts at the right time to act on.

In other words, how well you truly feel, see & know what is really going on and what is required to enhance and protect progress and be in tune with change rather than a victim of it.

Outside In vs Inside Out Leadership

Most leaders develop coherence capacity using an outside-in approach, which takes longer and creates more stress than necessary. This can lead to severe health consequences down the track debilitating your ability to protect and enhance your achievement and progress.

Developing coherence capacity from the inside out is far more powerful, effortless, enjoyable and faster with less negative consequences of stress.

The numbers tell where a company is at, but what is the deepest source & cause that drives, enhances and protects the numbers? From our perspective and experience, it’s the coherence capacity of the leaders. As Warren Buffet puts it:

“Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll make in your life. There’s no financial investment that’ll ever match it because if you develop more skill, more ability, more insight, more capacity*, that’s what’s going to really prove economic freedom. It’s those skills that really make that happen.”  – Warren Buffet

The key to Warren Buffet’s statement above is to invest in yourself sooner not later. Later is too late and results in more loss of time, money, energy, ROI, health and reputation than necessary.

We know there is some initial natural inertia that most leaders have to invest in themselves. We also know you’re doing yourself a huge favor not to mention the favor you’ll be doing for your team, customers, shareholders & family.


CEOs have the #1 responsibility to move things forward. The challenge is dealing with a world that is going through exponential change, affirmed by the fact 52% of the businesses on the Fortune 500 in 2000 are no longer on this list today.

In the last 8 years, top CEOs & execs aged 30-60 of top companies like Samsung, Nintendo, Relativity, Fonterra, Deutsch Bank, Apple, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Fox News, ESPN, Tata Motors, Uber & Theranos have either lost their position, health, wealth, reputation & even their life due to not having the deeper knowledge required to protect themselves while striving to achieve and progress.

We get it, it’s not easy to keep it all together with all the pressure and demands of a top leadership role.

However, it is possible through deeper knowledge, techniques, and technologies to be more protected and supported while leading things forward in this age of exponential accelerated change. 

How much time, money, energy, ROI, key talent & relationships, shareholder value, health & reputation is being lost due to lack of clarity, inner stability and fulfillment?

If you’re in a position of great leadership of a significant company you clearly have a good degree of confidence, competence, capabilities, clarity, composure & courage to be able to handle the challenges & pressures that come with the role.

In some shape or form, at some point or many points in time, your ability to continue to achieve & progress as a CEO leader is tested and challenged. 

It’s these moments that can cause costly mistakes that cause loss of time, money, energy, ROI, key talent, shareholder value, great opportunities and most importantly your reputation and health.

Through our work with top CEOs and their teams on four different continents over the last two decades we’ve seen, guided and supported CEO’s:

  • leading one of the biggest divisions of the biggest companies in the world to realize their role and industry was having an adverse effect on the health and well being of themselves and family to helping them transition to a better role and industry.
  • lose their X-factor skill then comeback to inspire the biggest multi-billion dollar deal of their career and feel completely calm and relaxed while doing it.
  • struggle to breakeven to their employees saying everything they’re touching is turning to gold as their business multiplies 10 fold and then goes IPO.
  • be on the wrong end of the GFC losing their business, luxury family home, owing a lot of money and having suicidal thoughts to bounce back to doing 8-figure projects.
  • have internal conflicts with a VC they brought into a business they founded with Fortune 500 clients to walking away from the business to start another business doing the same thing in a better more prosperous way.
  • go from having a lot of anger and anxiety and having only a few clients to having over 25 publicly listed clients and their own office building.
  • see an $80 million business liquidated despite giving them a heads up about the threat to bouncing back to regain their 8 figure personal fortune.
  • ready to throw in the towel and let a 9-figure business fold to reviving it to a new level of excellence.
  • have a stroke then recovering to near 100% coordination.

WE GET IT, as the CEO the buck stops with you!

You have the #1 responsibility to move things forward by providing greater and greater value to the world so the world benefits and you have a long lasting business.

True story movies like The Big Short valid the deep need for the science of protection to be the foundation the science of achievement in this day and age.  

What Enhances, Assures & Protects Success in this Age of Acceleration? 

You have a high degree of mastery of the science of achievement, whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve, so New Mavericks is not here to inspire you about this…you have this down.

The value we add is the science of protection to ENHANCE, ASSURE & PROTECT your achievement and progress through being in your unique invincible leadership state.

I’m sure the last thing you want to experience, after putting in all those hours and years of great work, is what you have accomplished today to be corrupted, diminished or lost in some way.


Cultivate leaders invincible success in health, wealth, happiness, relationships & reputation admits exponential change, disruption, and challenges.

Achieved by implementing practical proven field & time-tested programs, techniques and technologies that avert and help bounce back from being corrupted or diminished by internal & external enemies, vices, stresses & incoherence that cause costly mistakes & loss of time, money, energy, ROI, great opportunity, shareholder value, health & reputation.

Real protection is proactive preventative protection that neutralizes enmity and any form of inertia in yourself and others to achieve victory before conflict and problems arise.

WHAT is the Science of Protection?

Avert the Danger Before It Arises & Achieve Victory Before War

The science of protection is about firstly acknowledging we’re not invincible so we need to secondly gain deeper knowledge to do so and thirdly implementing proven techniques, technologies, strategies, and programs that allow whatever we’re conceiving, believing and achieving to be less likely corrupted, diminished or lost.

It’s about assuring your past, present and future efforts, achievement and progress are more highly protected, continuous and lasting.

It’s preventative proactive protection before, during and after you achieve versus damage control reactive protection when it’s generally too late. 

Preventative proactive protection before, during and after you achieve is vitality important because you obviously don’t want your hours and years of great work to unravel or be disrupted by something that could have been averted.

You want to avert things unraveling so you can arrive at that safe, secure, prosperous and healthy place you’ve been envisioning.

Real achievement and progress are when your both fully engaged in achieving on the outside while developing yourself on the inside. Then you’re more protected as you achieve and progress.

WHY is the Science of Protection Necessary?


As humans, we feel more pain about loss than we do about the pleasure of gain. Meaning we are 2-3 times more motivated by the threat of pain than gain.

Jimmy Connors, the champion Tennis player, summed it up nicely by saying: ”I hate losing, more than I like winning.”

Microsoft founder Bill Gates framed it another way by saying“Success is a lousy teacher, it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

Peter Lynch, the top fund manager at Fidelity Investments between 1977 and 1990, stated: “Far more money has been lost by investors trying to anticipate corrections than has been lost in corrections themselves.”

Marc Andreessen, tech billionaire, commented:

“Every billionaire suffers from the same problem. Nobody around them ever says, ‘Hey, that stupid idea you just had is really stupid.’ “

Warren Buffet has two rules for CEOs of his companies:

“#1 Do not lose any of your shareholders money. #2 Do not forget rule #1.”

Fear of loss not only drives us to achieve and progress but too little or too much of it can also cause us to underestimate or overestimate the effect it can have on our achievement and progress.

“No one loves to lose and no one is bigger than the game, so no one should be lulled into thinking they can’t be affected by negative reactions & changes that haven’t yet come or can’t yet perceive.” — Raamon Newman, Founder/CEO New Mavericks


Costly mistakes are due inaccurate conceiving, believing and achieving caused by status quo inertia.

This inertia can show up in the form of:

  • ignorance (not knowing any better)
  • arrogance (thinking we know when we actually don’t)
  • attachment to status quo (being bound by what we know)
  • incoherence (not being clear about what we need to know)
  • stresses (in the form of tiredness, fatigue, conflicts, aggravations, agitations, irritations, bad impressions, resentments)
  • vices (greed, anger, lust, vanity, jealousy, revenge/hatred, and false attachments)
  • indecisiveness (due to lack of clear thinking and or overthinking)
  • lack of openness (to better ways of doing things)
  • illusions, delusions, blind spots poor judgments (due to lack of settled alert coherent awareness)

This is due to lack of global alpha coherent capacity which is the root cause of loss of time, money, energy, ROI, key talent, shareholder value, great opportunity, health, and reputation.


As CEO you are the primary influencer on the performance of your company.  Whatever you feel, see, know, say, believe, project and do has a huge effect on everyone. When you focus on lack and fear you get lack and fear reflected back, when you focus on giving value and new possibly you inspire new value and possibility.

The situations, circumstances, people you’re surrounded by and what you’re experiencing right now has ultimately been created by you.

Therefore your inner development must be on the highest level so you’re spontaneously having more of the most evolutionary feelings, thoughts, and actions for yourself and all those you lead.

The more responsibility for growth you have the more profound knowledge and capacity you require to overcome the risks and challenges so achievement and progress are well protected.

HOW is the Science of Protection Activated?

The science of protection involves developing your even more of your coherence capacity so your confidence, competence, and capabilities are even more powerful and effective and your achievement and progress are more highly protected.

By developing your inner capacity as you achieve you can avert the zero-sum game of 1 or 2 or 3  or 10 steps forward only to have to go 1,2, 5, 10 or even 20 steps back. If you’re experiencing a zero sum game or worse and/or feeling overwhelmed it’s a sign your capacity is not sufficiently developed.

An indicator that you have sufficient coherence capacity to enhance and protect your achievement & progress is the experience of being in the zone for longer and longer periods of time.

This is what caused a major contributor on Forbes.com say that New Mavericks are on the right path in our quest to develop & support leaders even more so with time & field tested proven knowledge, insights, techniques, technologies & programs to more easily access being in the zone and sustaining it for longer periods of time.

We’re on the right track, the question is are you and/or do you want to be even more so by developing more of your coherence capacity to be in the zone for longer and longer periods?  

The answer is an obvious YES because being in the zone is the greatest productivity, energy, clarity and creativity state you can possibly be in and every leader wants to experience this most of the time if not all of the time to maximize their total net worth in health, wealth, happiness, relationships, reputation and live a life of deep meaningful passionate purpose & impact.

With the plethora of self-development, high performance and leadership information out there what is that unified source that simultaneously integrates, fuels and enlivens all these great qualities, strategies and habits advocated?

The one primary thing that enhances all leadership qualities, strategies, and habits, so the science of protection is working for you,  is a deeper inner development of your COHERENCE CAPACITY.

This determines how much alertness, wakefulness, broader awareness perspective, truthfulness, and consciousness you have to more fully feel, see and know what is really going on within and outside yourself – how you’re affecting yourself, others, the environment and vice-versa.

What does this development of greater coherence capacity allow?

Developing your coherence capacity gives a greater ability to overcome the inertia that disrupts and slows achievement and progress. This is because you’re functioning more from the most coherent source of thinking & feeling, that most silent settled yet alert, dynamic and coherent level of your mind and heart, that allows you to pick up on the right thoughts & feelings to make the right decisions at the right time.

IMAGINE how much more precise, accurate and productive you’d be functioning from this level of yourself most or if not all of the time?

How much more time you would actually have to enjoy all parts of your life because you’re truly thinking smarter not harder and longer? 

Having spent the last couple of decades working with top CEOs in Australia, New Zealand, US and Europe we’ve realized that it is only the level of their coherence capacity that limits what their confidence, competence, and capabilities can conceive, believe and achieve and protect.

What are some of the fires in your business you’d like to prevent or put out to protect your conceiving, believing and achieving process?

Is lack of clarity and precision causing costly mistakes, loss of time & money, poor timing and execution that results in getting caught on the wrong end of market fluctuations or industry disruptions?

Or is it simply not having enough support for what you want to see happen?

Through utilizing our proven time and field-tested techniques, technologies and programs you can avert and overcome negative situations and have more receptivity and support for what you want to see happen.

IMPLEMENTING the Science of Protection with the Science of Achievement 

The science of achievement, whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve, was brought out in THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill, inspired by Andrew Carnegie to bring people out of the great depression.

When great depressions, problems, and issues in business and life occur deeper more profound knowledge is required to come out of these to continue to progress.

The only thing missing from the science of achievement is that it all depends on the development of a leaders inner capacity which determines how accurate and protected their conceiving, believing and achieving will be.

By superimposing the science of protection with the science of achievement it becomes more complete and powerful.

Why achieve your vision only for who you are, your purpose, your well being and your total Net Worth in health, wealth, happiness and relationships be corrupted, diminished and even lost when you get there?

Why do CEOs, executives & leaders fall and/or not able to protect their and their company’s achievement & progress?

It’s when they fail to sufficiently develop their CAPACITY (to have greater coherence, alertness, wakefulness, awareness, truthfulness) while engaged in the process of conceiving, believing and achieving. 

Our approaches enable CEOs to have more mastery of:

  1. Their fulfillment so success is a natural by-product
  2. Their and others ignorance, arrogance, incoherence, and corruptness thereby protecting what they conceive, believe and achieve. 

This is something we are extremely fierce about because life is too short and we want our clients to have total command of themselves so they have the fulfillment they deserve to attract what they want to see happen sooner rather than later.

Our protection based approach is a prevention approach, prevention from loss of untold time, energy, money, ROI, key talent, pain and suffering compared to having to cure your health, wealth, happiness and relationships.

This is our hard earned specialty expertise, mastery, talent and service we provide to courageous and righteous CEOs and leaders of the world. As you’ll see from our client’s revolutionary results below, this is tried, tested and proven:

New Mavericks Client Results

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Who We Are & What We’ve Done

                                         Raamon Newman                                                  Paolo D’Angelo

For the last two decades, we’ve provided our proprietary CEO & Key Executive Assurance & Protection program to CEOs and their executive teams of multi-million and billion dollar revenue companies.

Through our laser-focused 45-60 minute development & strategy sessions and secret sauce programs & technologies we guide, advise, support, process, implement & interact with you on:

1. Development: Developing a deeper more expanded awareness to see more of the bigger picture and more of the finer details to maximize on the upside while being protected against the downside.

Having more Self-awareness (The Limitless Foundation of Leadership) gives you more of the right energy, clarity, creativity, and mindset to come up with the revolutionary strategy that creates the revolutionary result you want.

This source-level development is key to averting the danger of “active inertia” and averts you being part of the CEO “topple rate”.

2. Strategizing: Through enlivening even more profound insights, you may not have thought of by yourself, with our secret sauce program and technologies we enhance your strategizing of the best angles, techniques, tactics, approaches, solutions, systems, formulas, risk mitigation, emerging opportunities and communication that fully supports the revolutionary result you want.

End result = More of what you want to see happen naturally falls into place!

This integrated inside-out outside-in approach combined with our innate ability to repeatedly do this on-demand creates even more:

  • revolutionary results
  • higher quality profitable relationships
  • good fortune & protection in market fluctuations & disruptions
  • a long successful tenure in good health.

The overall end result is even greater Total Net Worth in health, wealth, happiness, relationships and purpose for you and your team.

Implementing our complete and proven revolutionary structure, that only we exclusively provide to CEOs in the world today, you will be able to cut through all your deepest blocks and delays to achieve what you want.

Because time and tide wait for no one, you will want to speak with us as soon as possible to take full advantage of what our program provides.

Consultants validate what you already know. Through our process, we’re acting as an extension of you to quickly fill in what’s missing to protect and enhance your achievement and progress.

Every leader requires consistent quality support attention for their core intentions to be protected and fulfilled. Like Arnold says:

“There will be times you don’t have the answer or drive, & you’re forced to look beyond yourself. I am not a self-made man. I got a lot of help”.  – Arnold Schwarzenegger

7 Transformations for Revolutionary CEO Development & Strategizing

“We give courageous CEO’s indomitable Self-awareness, energy, clarity, and creativity through timely individualized out-of-the-box insights & support (you can’t find online, in books or at seminars) so they are unstoppable in achieving the revolutionary results they desire in the fastest yet truthful way possible.”

Raamon Newman, Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer, New Mavericks

“We have the skill of knowing what is going on with leaders and what they MUST KNOW & DO to transform their Self-awareness to have the right energy to create positive effective & engaging relationships, have good fortune in market fluctuations and disruptions and long successful tenures in good health (mentally, emotionally & physically). We’re able to deliver the insights required to achieve these in 30-60 minutes or less.”

Paolo D’Angelo, Co-Founder/Chief Development & Strategy Officer, New Mavericks

Investing in Your Development is the Basis for Others Investing In You

Having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our own development we know it’s not always easy to justify investing in Self even though it’s ultimately worth it because investing in yourself ultimately supports others investing in you also. Below are a couple of great quotes from Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in this regard.

“Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll ever make in your life. There’s no financial investment that’ll ever match it because if you develop more skill, more ability, more insight, more capacity, that’s what’s going to really prove economic freedom. It’s those skills that really make that happen.”

Warren Buffet

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a gymnast, or a bridge player.”

Bill Gates

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”

– Henry Ford

Henry Ford was regarded as illiterate when he started his working life. That’s right, the founder of one of the biggest car companies in the world had virtually no education or skills.

What really allowed him to achieve was an expanded coherent capacity within himself that allowed him to conceive, believe and focus so his actions were most effective in leading himself and others.

His clarity, confidence, courage, competence, connectedness, congruence and determination were by-products of his expanded coherent capacity within.

To find out how you & your team can develop even more coherence capacity to have even more:

    • confidence
    • competence
    • connectivity
    • clarity
    • congruence
    • courage
    • capability
    • inner stability & fulfillment
  • to enhance & protect your & everyone’s achievement & progress.

To schedule a quick chat please complete this quick 10 question application and book a call on our calendar or call +1-323-742-2225 or email support@newmavericks.com


We’ve worked with leaders of multi-billion & million revenue companies for two decades.

To work with us you have to be open and committed to the development process and meet the following criteria:

  • lead at least a 5 million plus revenue company in a life-supporting industry
  • humble and open to learning how to more deeply and fully develop yourself because you know without a shadow of a doubt that investing in developing yourself more fully and deeply is the greatest most powerful assured ROI investment you’ll ever make.
  • respects the importance of creating invincible success in health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation.
  • honors, respects and appreciates those around them who are supporting them.
  • have a strong conviction for what you stand for & want see happen.
  • want to do what is most evolutionary for yourself, team and the world.
  • you have a specific result that you’re totally committed to,  that is of utmost importance and you want to experience this result within the next 12 months.

  • you definitely want some outside proven expertise to help you get this result sooner rather than later.

  • you’re totally willing & happy to make the substantial up front investment required to ensure you get your specific committed utmost important result sooner rather than later, with the cost of the investment being relatively small compared to the total value you’ll gain from getting this result.

We have deep respect for what leaders do as we know the buck stops with them when it comes to the overall performance of the company.

We hate seeing good well-intending leaders suffer and be corrupted, diminished or lose due to adversity, inertia, and negativity that could have been neutralized or averted with the right approaches.

We know leaders require what we provide more than we require their business, affirmed by the fact we’ve worked with leaders through some of their toughest times without immediate remuneration.

If you’re open to integrating even higher knowledge and approaches for yourself, your team and culture, to do even more good in this world then we’re ready to serve with all the fierce graceful tenacity we have.

Here’s the fierce cohesive spirit of how we welcome & face your leadership challenges to achievement and progress

HEADS UP: The top leaders we work with don’t do mainstream leadership development and support because they know it’s too superficial for the level they’re working at, the impact they want to create, what they want to experience and the protection of their achievement & progress they require. We’ve discovered it’s primarily not skills that allow a leader to go to the next level or solve their most pressing challenges. It’s how well they’re developing even more of their inner capacity and coherence so their skills are even more effective. We’re only interested in working with leaders who want to get to the root cause of problems and issues so they resolve them for good and their achievement and progress can be more highly protected and enhanced. Our client’s results speak for themselves and you’re welcome to speak with them. Our CEO Protection of Achievement & Progress program is a time & field-tested program proven to consistently deliver predictable and extraordinary results. If you’re ready for this deeper level of development & support, by all means, please apply to speak with us, if you’re ready, we’re ready!

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