New Mavericks Know when to Create, Maintain and Dissolve

By on September 15, 2014

New Mavericks understand that everything is subject to the cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction or that everything has a beginning, middle and end; everything from a product or service to animals or human life. Knowing the phase of the cycle you’re in makes you more at ease and accepting of where you are at. It gives stability and allows you to let go of having to overly control the process, and be free from the burden of desiring an outcome all the time.

Not accepting you delay progress
A client we work with, who owns an internet service company, was experiencing a conflict regarding working more on expanding his business given the huge untapped market potential, versus having to work in the day to day running of the business.

We guided him to accept what phase he was in, the maintenance phase, allowing him to realize that this phase was important for stabilizing the future growth of the business. It is important to set up the basis for the next phase of growth by accepting the stage you’re in. This gives stability to more clearly see the next step.

When questioning the phase more questions get asked of you.
When there is constant questioning in your mind it creates over analysis, mental weakness and wastes energy. Focusing on understanding the phase you are in helps answers come to you.

Questioning is powerful only when done with an affirmative empowering intention. For example, how can I do this better? Questioning with an affirmative empowering tone and intention evokes the best answers. Otherwise it creates further questioning and doubt both inside and outside of you.

For our client above it was about understanding that maintaining and stabilizing was part of the business growth so now it is about letting go and not questioning. Going through this process of accepting purified his old understanding and allowed him to create greater stability for future growth. He was able to let go of constant desiring, which can denote a lack of something. Freedom by not being bound by desires, circumstances and outcomes is important for allowing things to unfold naturally without strain. Overly intense desires can weaken our immunity long term. As the lyric from the famous Kenny Rogers song goes, “you gotta know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run”.

Desire, let go, act and trust
It is natural to have desires but if they grip you it creates questioning, which in turn creates tensions, blocking achievement and fulfillment of the desire. The key to desiring is to first desire, then let go of the desire into your heart and then act and trust. Do not hold on to the desire as you will block its flow and support inside and outside. By desiring, letting go of the desire and acting based on giving, backed by trust and faith, you become more relaxed and confident. Doing this more business comes to you rather than you chasing it. Below is an example of a client we took through a dissolving and creating cycle:

“You have gone beyond your call of duty in helping me during my most challenging times to-date.  For me this has been the most profound journey I have ever taken whilst in the depths of the current financial crisis.  Rather than seeking answers & solutions that I know from mere text books (university/professional courses) or self-improvement courses I have sought solutions from deeper knowledge, which these traditional sources cannot provide. I had successful businesses & was going from strength to strength till one fine day the mother of all crisis the world has probably ever seen arrives & bang I was in the middle of it trying to salvage what I could & not winning. There was no one who could provide me with the real answers and solutions till I was referred to Paolo and Raamon by another businessman who had been through a similar situation in the 87 stock market crash. They gave me the knowledge; advice & a profound technique that has helped me stabilize the situation from a personal & emotional level first and secondly with improvements in my business & financial situation now unfolding.

 They are not psychologists or positive thinking experts who psyche you into some positive self talk to change you, this is not a subconscious changing technique. This is taking you to the roots of your very existence, the level from which all nature operates & ensures that you operate in adherence with nature & the infinite creative intelligence that is ever present in us and around us. This is the very basis of life on earth, the true & profound knowledge that goes way beyond the intellect, ego & subconscious mind.”

 Porous Dumasia, Property Developer


New Zealand

Ultimately it is not about desiring, it is about letting go that allows New Mavericks to have control and mastery of their desires. Through this, they realize and accept the phase of the cycle they are in, rather then being gripped and pulled by endless desires.

New Mavericks master creating, maintaining and dissolving cycles by being unbounded internally whilst dealing with the boundaries. Functioning this way allows you to have more good fortune because you are working with more than just your individual intelligence but also universal intelligence. Just relying on your individuality creates unnecessary pressure, which will not create bigger and better business.

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