We asked our top client, Chairman and former CEO of a 7+ billion revenue company we’ve been working with for 10 years, what is more important, achievement or protection?

His answer, “achievement is important, and protection is VERY important. Because when you have protection you can achieve as much as you want for as long as you want with less chance of being derailed or falling short”.


We operate as partners, not advisors or consultants, because as partners we are all in and fully invested in giving, supporting and devoted to ensuring you have total support to make breakthroughs and then sustain them while averting or at least minimizing breakdowns.

The advisor/consultant mentality is more give what you can and hope it works out.

What’s most important to us is you and what makes you the best you can be.

We’re part of your team that supports you personally which then helps you more fully support the company you lead. We don’t know how your business will go because we don’t know, or need to know, all the details of what you’re doing. Our proven expertise is knowing how you can be enhanced, protected & supported so you’ll naturally do what is best for the company.

Working with us is a matter of how important is it for you to have time and field tested proven partners who can give you that 10-15% edge that can make all the difference between breaking through or remaining stagnant or worst of all breaking down?

We don’t just deliver a cutting-edge leadership performance program or give profound knowledge or say nice motivating eloquent words…we take FULL & COMPLETE responsibility & accountability to assure you get the BREAKTHROUGH, BOOSTED & BULLETPROOFED results you want.

We do this by implementing our Science of Protection which activates the six core qualities of purification, coherence, leadership state, capacity, spontaneous right action and deserving power using proven time and field-tested knowledge, techniques, technologies, and approaches.

This helps ensure whatever you want to see happen has even more support, assurance, and protection to actually happen, in less time & with minimal doubt, fear, stress, friction or resistance.

The Science of Protection Formula



Our top client describes the three core benefits of having greater assurance and protection working with us as giving him a greater ability and capacity to:

1. Play a bigger game:

“For example, at one stage I had a major deal fall through and felt like throwing in the towel. Paolo & Raamon help me “reset” and complete another deal two and a half times the size within 6 months.”

2. Build a more cohesive team:

“Gone is the suspicion and manipulation you’ll find in many organizations, and so has the need to look over my shoulder to check on my team. It was replaced by more trust and less friction, which allowed us to achieve our objectives faster, and with less stress.”

3. Focus on the right things:

“As CEOs, it’s so easy to get caught up in “task-oriented” issues. They’ve helped me see this is actually lazy and focus on the things that generate far greater results.”

Essentially, Raamon and Paolo from New Mavericks have made my:

  • thinking sharper
  • helped me see more clearly
  • make better decisions – unlike any coach or consultant I’ve ever worked with.


  • 484% Revenue, 432% Profit and 198% Share Value acceleration in seven years.
  • Staff turnover dropped from 22% to less than 5%.
  • Staff engagement jumped 55%.
  • Gaining 100% close rate of major deals.
  • Deals going through faster.
  • Less wasted time, money and energy.


  • Clarity & capacity to deliver more under pressure in less time.
  • Less worrying about things that don’t matter.
  • Quicker removal of roadblocks to progress.
  • Less stress, struggle, resistance and friction.
  • More success with more ease.
  • More receptivity & support from team.
  • Better relations with employee’s and stakeholders.
  • Less overthinking or overreacting to negativity.
  • Taking more positivity out of situations.
  • Revitalized mental & emotional energy in difficult challenges.
  • Less fight / flight / freeze reactions.
  • Greater ability to see things more clearly which helps others see things more clearly.
  • More “how can we do it together versus a win-lose situation” mindset.
  • More mindful approach to avoid conflict.
  • Greater sense of purpose.
  • More tuned into the moment to see what the best solution is not just any band aid solution.
  • Better able to flesh out the situation, rather than jumping to conclusions.
  • More accurate thinking along the right lines.
  • Being more intuitive, innovative and committed with less ego resulting in less analyzing and delayed decision making.
  • Greater ability to see more opportunities and take the right ones.
  • Less attachment to outcomes through more focus on the process.
  • Better understanding of experiences and emotions to make them more useful.
  • Having a better lens on things to relieve uncertainty and create more certainty.
  • Better focus and knowing of what really evolves people and progress.
  • More empowerment your and others potential, capacity and coherence to get things done.
  • More clarity, focus and understanding of self and others.
  • Taking care of blind spots that can derail progress.



  • More major deals working out faster
  • Consistently improving revenue, profit and share price growth
  • Bigger picture thinking
  • Less creating and putting out fires

Productivity & Performance

  • Greater capacity to deliver under pressure.
  • Timely insights & clarity.
  • Seeing the positive opportunity in challenging situations.
  • More coherence and alignment between your inner and outer life.
  • More settled alert mind to connect the dots faster.
  • Maintain inner stability to see through obstacles & problems.
  • Less questioning and doubting yourself.
  • Greater ability to ask the right questions.
  • Quicker more accurate execution of good ideas.
  • Greater capacity to handle bigger projects.
  • Getting more done with less effort, so less chance of burnout.
  • Less overwhelmed and confused in by information.

Mental / Emotional     

  • Deeper Belief in Yourself.
  • Greater clarity about what is required.
  • Having the best most truthful mindset and heart set to deal with your current situation.
  • More unshakeable authentic presence.
  • Removing stress that causes health problems.
  • Greater capacity to be happy making you a more likable person people want to do business with.


  • Better quality rest & recovery, especially from travel.
  • Stronger nervous and immune system to avert chronic diseases.
  • Overcoming health issues and injury faster.
  • Taking care of your brain health.
  • More comfortable in your skin because your less stressed no matter what is going on.


  • More cohesive supportive team.
  • Removal of suspicion and manipulation that undermines. culture, performance and value of the company.
  • Greater employee engagement.
  • Better relations with employee’s.
  • Better focus on what really evolves and fulfills people.
  • Averts A players and defecting to the competition.


  • Time to reflect and step back from your situation to uncover blind spots.
  • More harmony with significant other and family.
  • Maintain integrity with self and others.
  • More space for activities that develop other parts of yourself.


  • More able to be the eye of the storm through having a more settled relaxed peaceful mind & body coordination.
  • More compassionate both proactively to avert problems and reactively after problems occur.
  • None to minimal fight, flight and freeze responses.
  • More sustained positive energy.
  • Recharge energy quickly when tired or exhausted.
  • Great ability to handle pressure.
  • Be more of a source of inspiration for yourself and others than driven by fear.
  • Better ability to conceive, believe and achieve.
  • More resilient and accepting of situations because you’re not discouraged or disappointed by setbacks or delays as you see it as an opportunity to refine the way you’re approaching the objective.
  • More capacity to work and focus more intently to get more done in less time when required.
  • More easily able to let go and not be bound and attached to positive or negative events happening so you’re not getting in the way something even better evolving for everyone.


  • Greater brain capacity to think outside the box
  • Handle more responsibility with greater ease
  • More clearly see the bigger picture
  • More in tune with change and ability to adapt
  • Clearly knowing what to focus on and what to not
  • More brain coherence for more alignment between what you think and feel and what your team and environment require.
  • Greater ability to logically execute on creative ideas
  • More able to be in tune with and your direct team to meet the markets needs and desires.
  • More connected to who you are and who you want to become
  • More of the right thoughts at the right time, clearer quicker more accurate thinking and action.
  • Protection from negativity to avert dangers before they arise

Relationships & Negotiations

  • Greater capacity to connect and know if this is the right deal for right now.
  • More ability to achieve harmony before conflict
  • Less obstacles, distractions and complications
  • Morale and motivation stay high because your presence and communication easily inspires people to stay committed.
  • Greater ability to create a safer secure trusting environment for you and your people to fully express themselves and grow
  • More alignment with path of least resistance
  • Less trial and error working things out
  • Straightest path from point A to point B
  • More simplicity & less complexity
  • Less wasted time and energy
  • The right knowledge coming to you at the right time to know if a deal is right for you right now
  • Greater sense of what is truthful to ensure a deal is good for everyone long term.
  • Less need to overly discuss everything
  • You can trust and back yourself fully
  • Greater sense of what is right for right now
  • More receptivity and support from people in your environment
  • Less inertia in realizing your vision
  • Easier to make major decisions to make things happen
  • Greater ability to give maximum which enhances maximum reciprocity so both gain maximum.
  • Less feeling of lack or desperation
  • Great impact in helping others which others appreciate and inspires them to give back also.
  • Attract a wider base of high quality truthful coherent and trusted relationships that gives you more access more resources.


  • Higher energy which inspires better things to happen
  • Pre-frontal cortex (CEO of the Brain) stay’s more awake, alert and motivated so you believe more and are more vigilant.
  • More creative motivating insights
  • More easily empower and inspire people


  • More support to progress without requiring more time, attention or effort
  • Less feeling like you have to physically manage all the variables because you have more support from your environment
  • You can focus on what you’re good at
  • Less frustration with taking care of the parts
  • Whatever you have your attention on gets even more enlivened.
  • You feel like life has got your back because timely intel and support comes to you at the right time
  • More leverage from others and their resources
  • Interacting with other high performers helps you raise your awareness and standards and makes you aware of potential blind spots.


  • Strengthen immune system so greater ability to handle pressure and avoid disease
  • Decrease chance of getting ill so you can execute more consistently
  • Greater ability to recover faster from intense days
  • Reduced anxiety due to greater ability to produce more good feeling hormones like serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine
  • Reduced risk of self-sabotaging behavior.

All these combined helps you and your team achieve protected progress and better results in less time.


This simple program is delivered via:

1. AWARENESS POWER CALLS: Having 2-3 calls per month for 45-60 mins where we’ll share our science of protection knowledge to help purify and clarify your intellectual understanding so you have even more awareness to see, feel and know the truth of what is required to move forward in a better more protected way.

2. ON-DEMAND BOOSTER CALLS: Two on-demand 10-15 min calls to check in and share any refinements we pick up on or any matter you want more insight or support on.

3. GLOBAL ALPHA TECHNIQUE: Introduce you to a simple effortless mental technique that will enable you to have a even more settled alert mind to have more of the right thoughts at the right time help you know more quickly what is the best thing to focus on.

It’s called having more of what leading neuroscientists call global alpha brain coherence which is what world class athletes, business leaders and musicians have been found to have when performing at their best.

4. BOOST & BULLETPROOF TECHNOLOGIES: Implementation of back end technologies that help avert dangers before they arise, minimizes them if they do and boosts and protects your progress so it’s more frictionless and smooth.

These are based on a very specific piece of information that is specific to you and only you because you’re a unique expression of life and intelligence with certain strengths & vulnerabilities that play out through the process of positive and negative action and reaction that unfold over different periods of time in your life.

These technologies help neutralize the negative and enhance the positive in yourself and your environment, up to the degree of 75%.

5. TOTAL HEALTH PROTECTION SUPPLEMENT: Plus there’s a natural supplement we’ll introduce to you that enhances and strengthens your brain connectivity, nervous and immune systems so you have more capacity and protection to lead things forward in a better way without compromising your health.

All these deliverables represent a very small amount of high-quality time, powerful attention and support working on you, the most primary influencer on the performance of your company, so you are even more powerfully effective and supported in working on and in your business.

We are NOT hourly time-based, WE ARE RESULTS-BASED in the shortest possible time!

We work on a monthly retainer & a fair, reasonable & agreed upon performance bonus or equity customized based on:

  1. The level of responsibility you have for the performance of the company.
  2. The size of the company, revenues, net margin & employees. 
  3. The KPI’s you want to see happen.
  4. The number of people you want engaged working with us.

We require an initial 3-month (90 day) commitment, we call this the trust building period, where we implement what is require to give you an experience of boosted and bullet proof progress to meet your 90 day objectives.

Then we review at the end of 90 days and assuming everything went we’ll well structure a new agreement for even more assurance and protection of the results you want to experience over the next 9 months.

Best of all we work with you until you get the result you want, even if this goes beyond the time allocated for no extra cost!

To schedule a quick chat please complete this quick 10 question application and book a call on our calendar or call +1-323-742-2225 or email

The Power of Having Wise Results Assurance & Protection Partners

Having a wise enlightened counsel is something all great Kings of the past had. In today’s accelerated world of change, it’s become even more important than ever that leaders have this in place.

It doesn’t matter what age, experience, position, status, size of business, industry, stage of career, IQ or EQ, and ethnic you have, the fact is every leader requires a wise counsel to ensure they make the most evolutionary and truthful decisions for themselves and others and have the protection and support they require to fulfill what they want to see happen.

Failure of Having a True Wise Counsel

GE spent up to $1 billion per year on training and education of their people over the last 10 years only to see a fall in revenues from $160 billion to $120 billion and nearly $6 billion loss last year causing a delisting from the Dow Jones.

The training and education is not the problem, that has to go on either way. The problem is a lack of wise counsel that can give the leaders the proven knowledge, technologies, techniques and approaches to develop their capacity to see better ways of creating a better business and have more receptivity and support from the marketplace.

Most of our clients have literally been “peeved off” as to why they didn’t know about what we do sooner. We want to prevent you from having to say this and experience the profound proven benefits we deliver now rather than later when it may be too late.

Below are cases studies and reviews of how our wise counsel, knowledge, techniques, technologies, and approaches have had a profound effect for leaders we’ve worked with, see our client results.


The numbers tell where a company is at financially, so what is the source & cause that drives, enhances and protects the numbers?

From our perspective and experience, it’s the degrees of skill, ability, insights and capacity of the leaders of a company.

As Warren Buffet puts it:


“Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll make in your life. There’s no financial investment that’ll ever match it because if you develop more skill, more ability, more insight, more capacity, that’s what’s going to really prove economic freedom. It’s those skills that really make that happen.”  – Warren Buffet

The key to Warren Buffet’s statement above is to invest in yourself sooner not later. Later could be too late causing more loss of time, money, energy, ROI, health and reputation than necessary.


We know there is some initial inertia that leaders can have when it comes to investing in themselves because either they think:

1. They don’t need to continue to develop, which is dangerous in a dynamically changing world, or

2. They have a hard time justifying spending money on themselves.

To overcome this you have to know you’re doing yourself, not to mention your team, customers, shareholders & family, a huge favor investing in yourself because, as Buffet says, it’s the most important investment you’ll make in your life because developing more skill, ability, insight and capacity is what proves economic freedom.

Investing in yourself is possibly the only guaranteed investment in the world that creates this.

You know more effective leadership is the primary driver of improving everything in business and life…so investing in the highest level of leadership to be an invincible leader is quite possibly the greatest investment you’ll make.

Investing in yourself allows you to more effectively work on and in your business, as the business is an expression of how much of your potential you’re using.


Research below documents that unfolding more of your potential, capacity & coherence as a leader is what really inspires the market to want to do more business with you as you seek to do more business with the market.

The Center for Creative Leadership in 2009 said that based on numerous in-depth studies that:

“organizations who invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t.”

Investing in leadership development they found:

  • Improves bottom-line financial performance
  • Attracts & retains talent
  • Drives a performance culture
  • Increases organizational agility

Another independent research firm Bersin & Associates found:

“it is hard to find a company that has survived many economic cycles that doesn’t have a sophisticated leadership development strategy in place.”

A Harvard Business Review article called “Maximizing Your Return On People” found a strong correlation between leadership skill and bottom line:

“Companies with higher scores for their investment in human capital delivered stock returns that were five times higher than companies with less emphasis on human capital.”

The Inner Knowing of World-Class Performers is Based on Global Alpha Coherence


“As CEO’s we don’t believe we need coaching. We do need coaching, just not in the traditional way. We need more empowering of our potential, capacity and coherence that empowers more energy, clarity and creativity as well as better understanding of ourselves and others. This is what drives better results in less time.”

— Phil Prosser, CEO, FeedbackASAP, The World’s most actionable customer feedback


Here’s a great 3-min TED Talk from a top surgeon about why everyone needs a coach, he thought he didn’t need one and then realizing through the experience of having one how incredibly valuable it is.

The statistics show that every month you spend without a coach you lose 3 months of momentum!

Spending 4 months with a coach you’ll gain more momentum than a year spent on your own…plus it then keeps exponentially growing.

This is how to go from good to great and stay that way.

This is what our clients experience and even more so because we go beyond just coaching to having protection that averts & minimizes negativity & delays before they arise, which is really the highest form of coaching.

To discuss further out CEO RESULTS ASSURANCE & PROTECTION Service you can schedule a quick chat completing this quick 10 question application and book a call on our calendar or call +1-323-742-2225 or email


Should there be any gap between expected and actual results, assuming you’ve completed and implemented what is required, we’ll continue to work with you for no charge until those expectations are met over the following 30 days and then review again.

Should you not get the progress you’re looking for after one year we’ll gladly refund your investment less the 25% that will have been expensed on back end programs & products with external providers to support your progress.

We’ll also continue to do whatever we can to assure your continued progress.

This is something we’ve never had to do due in the two decades of providing this service due to the effectiveness of our program, we simply offer it to mitigate any risk you may feel.

You understand that New Mavericks are not providing health or financial investment advice and that advice given is not a substitute as advice from a competent, licensed doctor or financial consultant.
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