Case Study #1: From $1.3 billion to $7.6 billion in 7 years,

accomplishing six times more than the previous 25 years.

“Organizing the biggest deal in our corporate history involved long hours, tight time frames and multiple go/no-go hurdles & multiple possibilities for stress. Despite this, I personally felt like I was the eye of the storm…all is calm and relaxed! As a result, the deal fell into place. 

If you’re leading a small, medium or large business in this age of exponential change, and want to be in tune with change and leading change rather than a victim of it, you’ve got to have at least one call with Paolo and Raamon to truly know the deeper value they bring in enhancing and protecting leader’s achievement and progress.

Their wisdom, insights, support, and value has made a profound difference in enhancing my experience as a leader and is something I haven’t found anywhere else.”

Mark Waller, Chairman & Former CEO EBOS Group,

2010 CEO of the Year & Business Hall of Fame 2019 New Zealand

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* In 7 years we helped Mark help his company grow from $1.7b to $7.6B, resulting in 480% growth in revenues, 432% growth in profits and 198% growth of share price in a very conservative tight margin industry. This helped him accomplish nearly six times more in 7 years than this previous 25 years a CEO.  We still work with Mark today.

Case Study #2: 100% Jump in Close Rate on Major Deals


“I used to walk into a big client meeting with a 30-page presentation. Today I walk in with a single page. And since I’ve been doing this…my close rate on major deals has jumped by 100%. 

I refer to it as my “x-factor.” And it doesn’t just apply to negotiating deals – it spreads across daily negotiations with my personal assistant, the storeman, the end users and all the company’s stakeholders.

Are you interested in getting the same unfair advantage? Then I urge you to reach out to Raamon and Paolo from New Mavericks.” 

Stefan Crooks, Managing Director, Westie Foods

Case Study #3: Staff turnover dropped 77%, engagement jumped 55% & sales turnover accelerated to be the best in the group


“We wasted years trying to get momentum and traction.  It was frustrating. I wanted to be setting the vision and taking people on a journey, not “blowing the whistle” and putting out fires. But I was at a loss…

❑ I used to lie in bed at night worrying.

❑ I used to get stopped by roadblocks I couldn’t see past.

❑ I used to be stressed all the time.

Now I don’t. It seems counterintuitive, but the less I’ve struggled the more successful my team has become. And I owe much of this to a couple of guys, Raamon Newman and Paolo D’Angelo, from New Mavericks.

I’ve worked with dozens of coaches. Most of them only work on a surface level and never get to the fundamentals, leaving people to revert back to their original conditioning.”

Kelvin Hyland, Former GM EBOS Healthcare, Now Managing Director Ossis

Case Study #4: Better Handling the Challenges of Fast Growth


“These guys are deep thinkers. They help me think outside my limitations and the blocks I have created.  They assist me to see myself based on my potential. As I change my view of myself the perceived problem also changes.

This enables me to move forward with confidence and clarity. They bring out the contrast between situations and circumstances and find out what resonates most importantly to me through the process of dialogue. 

You find out what is relevant and what I need to understand to transform myself. They are very insightful and make the complex simple and useful. They are truly trusted advisors”

Phil Prosser, Founder / CEO Feedback ASAP, Founded the World’s Largest Mystery Shopping & Most Actionable Feedback companies for managing customer service excellence

* This client went from leaving a company he founded due to internal conflict with VC, that was serving Fortune 500 companies, to starting a new company doing the same thing in a better way and outperforming his old company within a couple of years.

Case Study #5: From Struggling to Breakeven to Supercharged Growth

“I feel like I’ve been supercharged over this last year of working with you guys. I wake up earlier with more creativity. I seem to have more time in my day even though I’m busy. I’m more “in the now” than I have ever been.

My staff is commenting that everything I touch is turning to gold. I find I am more aware to avoid getting tired, as I now know this prevents the wheels from falling off.  

I’ve realized I no longer want to face challenges and problems like in the past, I want more of the experience I’m now having as a business leader; I find I am having more and more support.

Where have you guys been, thank you for guiding me in culturing this kind of support.”

Jason Gunn, Founder / Managing Director, Oliver’s Real Foods The World’s 1st Organic Certified Organic Fast Food restaurant chain  Nominee for Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

* We started working with this client in 2011 when they had three stores and struggled to break even after seven years in business. They accelerated to open over 25 stores in four years and successfully achieved an IPO.

Case Study #6: From the Wrong End of the Global Financial Crisis to Doing Bigger & Better Projects

“They gave me the knowledge; advice & a profound technique & technologies that has helped me stabilize the situation from a personal & emotional level first and secondly with improvements in my business & financial situation now unfolding.

I still continue to work with them & intend to do so forever.” 

Porous Dumasia – Property Developer

*This client was on the wrong end of the GFC back in 2009 when we were connected with him and had lost nearly everything. Today he’s back doing 6-8 figure projects.

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As you can see, when leaders invest in themselves to have more breakthrough protection support things get better and better

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