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Integrated Success is Taking Care of All Areas of Your Life

Context: We’ve been a culture that has idolized those one-dimensional genius types who create temporary brilliance and achievement, while the rest of their lives are filled with problems.

New Mavericks is ready to launch you onto a higher playing field–the field of INTEGRATED SUCCESS.  This is a success that radiates from the inside-out…where your high-powered achievements are completely supported by less stress, and more satisfaction, health, and fulfillment at every step of your journey.
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INTEGRATED SUCCESS is the new edge!

This new kind of edge is about staying calm, collected and stable in the eye of any storm, while having loads of energy to manifest your creative vision. It’s also about having Zen-like focus and centeredness that attracts and inspires all those who interact with you.  Are you ready for this New Maverick “integrated edge”?

Now it’s time to create a deeper, more profound and sustainable vision of success.

Our focus is to guide you in fulfilling your true INTEGRATED SUCCESS.  We are on a Holy Grail, no-holds-barred quest to support you in mastering your biggest vision, while arming you with the best evidence-based practices to get you there.

If all this resonates with you, then read on and join us as we put together your personal strategic roll-out for integrated success.

Feedback from a New Maverick client….

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[su_quote ] “Two of our senior team and I organized the biggest deal in our Corporate history. This involved long hours, tight time frames and multiple go/no go hurdles etc…and multiple possibilities for stress. Despite this I personally felt like I was the eye of the storm…all was calm and relaxed!”
Mark Waller, CEO EBOS Group, New Zealand CEO of the Year 2010

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What is the big-picture vision you are creating?


The New Maverick value paradigm is about creating INTEGRATED SUCCESS–a success whose radius encompasses career success with empowered health, relationships, and most important, your FULFILLMENT. We call this the INTEGRATION ZONE. The Integration Zone takes “being in the zone” and peak performance to the next level.

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What’s more important:

‘WHAT you achieve, or HOW you achieve it’?


With New Maverick leadership,  HOW you achieve trumps WHAT you achieve. Because you are more likely to get the WHAT, when you master the HOW.  By mastering the HOW, you create sustainable success that generates long lasting satisfaction for yourself and those around you. You know from experience, that success is really only worth it when it is not filled with all the stressful by-products, but is sustainable and generates long lasting satisfaction.

To accomplish this, our approach goes way beyond positive and motivational thinking. We mentor you to get down to your core, to master the keys that can generate peak performance in all areas of your life in an integrated way.



Click the image above to grab this unique opportunity to learn from six seasoned and successful New Maverick Game Changing Leaders. Learn their mindsets, principles & practices (actions) for protecting, enhancing and integrating your and your teams health wealth and happiness matrix

Finally, it’s time to put it all together!

Join Team New Mavericks Integration Success Quest


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FREE 30-minute ”Integration Zone” session

“Integrated Success” Premiere Video

The 3 Proven Keys to Peak Performance, Part 1

New Maverick Host Michael Sternfeld Interviews Peak Performance Expert, Dr. Harold Harung

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New Mavericks Integration Goals:

Guide you to lead from your Big Picture Vision
Get super-clear through In the Zone thinking, where you lead from your inner core–the essence of who you are.

Arm you with the best practices and tools to get you to your destination
A tool-kit of the best evidence-based practices to create what you want with the least time & energy.


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Integrated Success Quest Outcomes:

Super Clarity–Get super-clear in your awareness of the big vision that is unique to you

Energy–Gain the health and energy to propel that vision,

Integration Power–Anchor your expanding vision & power within your body’s field of emotional intelligence,

Communication–Express all this with game-changing leadership and communication strategies

Launch–Get your message out into the world to those who need to hear it


Old Paradigm: Success at all costs,
accompanied by loads of stress.


New Paradigm: Integrated Success where
fulfillment drives peak performance

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Free 30-minute “Integration Zone” Session

Gain Valuable Insights into Your Integration Status
And What You Can Do About It



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