How To Gain Full Team Dedication Webinar

How To Gain Full Team Dedication Through New Maverick Influence

30th September, 2014


Our “Magnificent Six” New Maverick leaders share seven key areas to give you an overall integrated approach
for having more command & support for what you want to see happen. You’ll learn how to:

Get super-clear in your awareness of the big vision that is unique to you

Gain the health and energy to propel that vision,

Anchor your growing power with your body’s emotional intelligence,

Express all this with game-changing leadership and communication strategies, and

Get your message out into the world to those who need to hear it


This WEBINAR features six presentations:

Raamon Newman, Founder New Mavericks: Developing the clear consciousness and self-awareness for developing world-class brain functioning.

Mark Bunn: Culturing high-powered health for peak performance

Emily Shaw: Developing your ideal diet for maximum energy and immunity

Michael Sternfeld: Integrating your body’s Emotional Intelligence to lead from your instincts and gut-level knowing

David Williams: Mastering the Seven Non-Negotiables of Winning

Mark Imperial: New Maverick Marketing That Grabs Attention and Ignites Action

Fully evolved New Maverick leaders have all these areas aligned, integrated and developed to have maximum support for commanding more of what they want to see happen.