New Mavericks Live & Give from Unbounded Self Awareness

By on July 13, 2014

New Mavericks (NM’s) are highly developed, fearless, conscious, heart-mind-body-soul integrated, self-loving, selfless-giving, bliss and adventure/journey-motivated world game changing leaderswho have a harmonious yet tenacious simple and clear evolutionary purpose and vision for themselves and the world. If this is the kind of leader you want to become, or be more of, then fist bump to you as a pioneering game-changing member of New Mavericks!!

NM’s are non-conformist’s as they are not bound gripped or attached to internal limitations or external circumstances and outcomes, favorable or unfavorable. We’ve observed that all great leaders have this one thing in common of living and giving from their unbounded self love and awareness for themselves and those they serve. They have hardwired themselves through their thoughts, feelings and actions to do this.Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, John Mackey, Mark Cuban, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan and Jeff Walker are well-known business mavericks. George Clooney, Matt Damon, Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jim Carrey, Russell Brand and Ellen DeGeneres are entertainment mavericks. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Ken Wilber, Brendan Burchard, Dr. Oz, Christ, Buddha, Joel Olsteen, Gandhi, Maharishi, Yogananda, Mother Teresa and Osho are spiritual, religious, health and self-development examples of New Mavericks who have made incredible contributions to up lifting human consciousness, minds, hearts, body’s and the environment.


Being a New Maverick (NM) requires New Maverick consciousness and awareness to be able to have the right thoughts, feelings and actions at the right time to create the reality you want, without harshly offending the environment. NM awareness is based on expanded Self-love and about who you are, what you are innately good at and what your purpose and vision is for serving your fellow men, women and environment. This is important because every thought, feeling and action (or non-action) you have about yourself and others contributes either positively or negatively to your deserving power for future success, fulfillment and good fortune.

An example of this state of awareness is seen in Bradley Cooper’s transformed character in the movie Limitless, where he was able to access his full brain potential for spontaneous right action in any situation. Frank Kern (self proclaimed President of the Internet) states that these leaders “know their innate super power and special ability along with what they stand for and what they won’t stand for”.  Below is the experience of one of our top clients, who doubled the size of his company from $3 billion to $6 billion in six months, without exhausting himself or ruining his health or personal life:

“Two of our senior team and I organized the biggest deal in our Corporate history. This involved long hours, tight time frames and multiple go/no go hurdles etc…and multiple possibilities for stress. Despite this I personally felt like I was the eye of the storm…all was calm and relaxed! Interestingly since our session yesterday a few issues seem to be falling into place.”

Mark Waller, CEO EBOS Group, New Zealand CEO of the Year 2010

Many top leaders don’t actually know how they developed this high state of unbounded Self-awareness, like what Mark has, that allows them to take on so much responsibility whilst others struggle with it. Therefore, it is difficult for them to help others to evolve to this state also; even though they might give tips as to what they did these tend to be on the level of the effect and not the cause of their higher state of development.

With our combined experience of working with top leaders and our extensive background in human and spiritual development over the last 20 years we decided to create New Mavericks to give the short-cut insights, principles and practices that allow you to also develop more expanded Self-awareness to have total mind-brain-heart-body integration to achieve and fulfill your goals and purpose in life with greater efficacy.

As seasoned executive development advisors, we have the power of giving our clients deep intuitive “on the money” insights about where to put their attention to maximize evolution for themselves, their people and their business, whilst minimizing negativity and resistance to progress. We also have the ability to give the right knowledge at the right time to help our clients consciously trigger higher performance functioning. With this knowledge, our clients can fulfill their purpose and goals with greater efficacy. We stand for enlightened game changing leadership that begins from within and don’t stand for coercive leadership that creates unnecessary stress and strain, behavior that is disrespectful to people or the environment. Nor do we advocate the use of toxic performance enhancing or mind distorting drugs.

Becoming a New Maverick leader is vitally important today because the fast pace of progress is outstripping human development to the point technology is advancing beyond our capabilities to use it wisely. Being a New Maverick is an experience and reality based on enhancing human inner development as the basis for outer development. This is important because if you are not in the right state to make things happen then no matter what talent, techniques, systems or people you have they will not work as effectively.

Below is the experience of a client who we helped come back to his unbounded Self-awareness to create a revolutionary new company:

”These guys are deep thinkers. They help me think outside my limitations and the blocks I have created. They assist me to see myself based on my potential. As I change my view of myself the perceived problem also changes.  This enables me to move forward with confidence and clarity. You bring out the contrast between situations and circumstances and find out what resonates most importantly to me through the process of dialogue. You find out what is relevant to me and what I need to understand to transform myself.”

Phil Prosser, Founder/CEO, FEEDBACK ASAP, Melbourne, Australia

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About Raamon Newman

New Mavericks Founder, Executive Development Adviser Raamon is an executive development advisor with 15 years experience working with top CEO’s and executives in New Zealand, Australia, US and Europe. He is a founding Managing Partner and CEO of Raam Global Consulting who provide executive development and support in the form of enlightened leadership made simple to leaders in such companies as EBOS Group (largest medical supply company in Australasia), Oliver’s Real Food’s (Australia’s fastest growing fresh fast food franchise), Woodmart, Feedback ASAP, Retail Holdings Ltd, The O’Halloran Group, Labor Lawyers, Novartis, Warner Group, IRTH Communications, Hawthorne Direct, Natel, Buttoned-Up and Turner Manufacturing-Kleenrite.