The Inner Knowing of World Class Performers is based on Global Alpha Coherence

By on July 13, 2014

World class performers and leaders have an inner knowing of what is the right and best thing to do to enhance and protect achievement and progress for everyone based on a high degree of heart-mind-brain integration or Global Alpha Coherence. 

This allows them to have a greater capacity to conceive more, believe more, feel more, see more, know more and take better action.

Developing, protecting and multiplying more global alpha coherence within individuals in a team gives greater ability for everyone to have more of the right thoughts at the right time to take the right action in any given situation or moment, no matter how challenging it may be, and lead things forward in the most evolutionary direction for everyone.

Global Alpha Coherence Allows Top Performers and Leaders to More Fully Trust & Back Themselves to Do The Right Thing at the Right Time

This is not an inner knowing of how things will exactly work out but more a trust that they will. It’s trusting the unknown, the process and a certainty that they will prevail and be triumphant.

Like one of our top clients, who grew a company from $8 million to $7.6 billion, says when asked how he’s going to accomplish something, he says “I don’t know, but we will”.

This inner knowing is not based on blind faith or belief but based on the experience of coherence within themselves. This is a confidence and knowingness based on a high degree of heart-mind-brain integration & coherence, specifically global alpha coherence, and not just competence or courage.

This heightened level of coherence engages higher pre-cortex, cortex and amygdala brain functioning to enable anyone, not just top performers, to more clearly:

  1. Know who they are and who they must become to accomplish what is required
  2. Maximize on what they are good at
  3. Avert dangers and minimize vulnerabilities, injuries, accidents & negativity
  4. Be more fully aligned with their purpose
  5. More precisely conceive, believe and achieve what is most evolutionary for themselves, others and their environment
  6. See the bigger long-term picture and more of the finer short-term details to fulfill their vision.
  7. Assure and ensure their achievement and progress is well protected and not able to be corrupted, diminished or lost so they can achieve for as long as you want to.
  8. Function-based on pure right instincts and impulses at the right time, rather than lack based desires and yearnings. 
  9. Enhance and protect their health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation success based on inner fulfillment not lack or fear.

Our Coherence & Incoherence of the Past Always Catches Up With Us

Whatever good, abundance, gains, victory’s, happiness or bad, lack, losses, delays or obstacles we’re experiencing today is caused by either our inner coherence or incoherence of the past.

We can even be coherent and feel great, happy and inspired on the inside today and still be experiencing blocks and delays in progress in fulfilling what we want due to past incoherence playing out.

So the coherence we’re creating today will play out and catch up with us and bear fruit tomorrow even if we don’t see the full benefit of it today.

The very fortunate thing is that coherence is infinitely more powerful than incoherence so when you make yourself highly coherent, global alpha coherent, you can purify and neutralize any past incoherence catching up with you very quickly and amplify the benefits of any past coherence coming back to us.

Global Alpha Coherence is the Key to Time & Performance Management

The key to time management is energy management, we use time best when we have good energy.

The key to energy management is thought management, when we have more of the right thoughts at the right time we use our energy efficiently and don’t waste energy overthinking.

The key to thought management is coherence management, when we are coherent, ideally global alpha coherent (which is explained in more detail below from a neuroscience perspective) when are having the right thoughts at the right time.

Modern education only taught us to broaden awareness through information

However, having the right tools to expand our Self-awareness, found to be the most important variable in the performance of a company and team, we can have more coherent orderly heart-mind-brain-body coordination.

Global alpha coherence creates more Self-awareness because it activates more connectivity across all hemispheres of the brain, so we are able to coordinate what we feel in our heart and think in our mind more clearly to make the best decision and action to evolve our situation.

Every leader and high performer requires;

  1. a strong heart
  2. a clear mind
  3. a strong agile body
  4. a healthy coordination between all three

This allows one to be more decisive without doubting and make better and better decisions in any circumstance.

The best leaders have a highly coherent integrated mind-brain-heart-body connection, which allows them to have better thoughts, feelings, behavior, decision making and actions to utilize their talent fully.

Developing this Global Alpha Coherence, allows you to live and act from an unbounded superfluid coherent awareness, whilst dealing with the boundaries of the relative world.

Real World Experiences of Global Alpha Functioning

This integrated functioning allows athletes, business leaders, and artists to perform at world-class levels.

Super-star New Zealand All Black rugby player Jonah Lomu describes his experience like this:

JLlarge“When I play at my peak I get into a different zone, I become a completely different person. I can’t really explain it. I’m so focused on what I have to do, you could be talking to me but you’d have to slap me to get my attention. It’s almost like you’re running, but you’re watching yourself while you’re running – like an outer body experience. When you get to that sort of clarity in your mind and your mind is at peace and your soul is at peace with your body and all is in sync, it becomes a completely different experience.”

NB Unfortunately, Jona didn’t have the knowledge, techniques, and approaches to protect and develop his global alpha coherence to take care of his health condition and past away due to kidney failure aged 40. This is the problem many leaders and top performers have, is that they have a high degree of global alpha coherence to experience peak performances but don’t have the know how to develop and protect it so all areas of their health, wealth, happiness and relationships are taken care of as well.

Mark Waller, Chairman/Former CEO EBOS Group, 2010 New Zealand CEO of the Year describes his experience of global alpha coherence this way:

“Organizing the biggest deal in our corporate history involved long hours, tight time frames and multiple go/no-go hurdles & multiple possibilities for stress. Despite this, I personally feel like I am the eye of the storm…all is calm and relaxed! Interestingly, since our session, issues seem to be “falling into place”.

The Neuroscience Behind These Experiences

What both Jonah and Mark are experiencing is the alert brainwave frequencies of beta and gamma which activate when we focus on things and process information from them, could be a person or business deal. At the same time, they both have the relaxed and restful brainwave frequencies of delta and theta which is when we are normally sleeping and dreaming.

They’re in a state of restful alertness which enables them to be focused yet relaxed while engaged in doing something very dynamic.

Total integration of heart-mind and brain gives you inner knowing to:

1. Trust your instincts fully

2. See things as they are as well as the potential possibilities and value they offer.

3. Have the right attitude to any situation good or bad

4. Spontaneously maneuver and position yourself to maximize positivity and minimize negativity.

Research on Brain Functioning of World Class Performers

A major study on peak performance and the development of higher states of consciousness was published in 2009 in Management Decision, a leading management journal.  The primary author of the article, titled Higher Development, Brain Integration, and Excellence in Leadership, Harald S. Harung, Ph.D said:

A growing agreement among prominent researchers is that leadership development is, in essence, self-development. The primary dimension in developing leadership is to develop the personality, the consciousness of the potential leader.’

This research indicates that peak performers have significantly higher degrees of development. World-class people have large amounts of integration in their brain functioning. This equates to coherence across all hemispheres of the brain, alpha coherence, where there are balance and integration between the restful relaxed quiet qualities of sleep (delta) and dreaming (theta) and the excited alert dynamic frequencies of beta and gamma, activated when focusing on objects and processing information, at the same time!

The Two Types of Alpha Coherence that Create Global Alpha Coherence

There is Alpha 1, which is a more conscious mind coherence used to logically take care of and execute our intentions and project and express ourselves into the world to make our influence and value known. This is what a lot of Alpha-type or A-type people have very well developed to achieve and accomplish great things.

Then there is Alpha 2, which is more a sub-conscious mind coherence where we relaxed, settled and alert. Where we are clear about who we are, what we’re good at, what our purpose is and what is good for ourselves and others. This is what enables us to be protected as we achieve and progress.

When we see top performers fall in some way with their performance, health, wealth, happiness, relationships and reputation it’s because the Alpha 2 has not be protected or developed enough.

Having both strong Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 coherence we have Global Alpha coherence and this is the ideal state in which to perform and lead from and be more protected and assured of realizing the achievement and progress you want.

This integrated brain functioning, global alpha coherence, enables the mind to have inner calmness and heighten alertness at the same time, which gives the ability to be in the zone to have the right thought and action at the right time.

The 10,000 Rule plus Global Alpha Coherence = Greatness

The 10,000-hour rule to be great is one parameter, but there are also plenty of people who do 10,000 hours at something but still don’t become great.

Let’s get real and say it’s a combination of having an integrated heart-mind-brain, global alpha coherence and putting in the focused attention and practice.

Below are links to research you can download on World Class Athletes, Business Leaders & Musicians and how they have large amounts of Global alpha coherence in their mind-brain functioning:

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Excellence through Mind-Brain Development: The Secrets of World-Class Performers Book

How to Systematically Access & Sustain Global Alpha Coherence to Avert the Peaks and Troughs

Many top performers have peaks and troughs personally and professionally because they get the high of performing at peak levels only to not be able to sustain and continue the experience. This is namely because they lack the deeper knowledge, understanding, and technologies to be able to do so.

With the right time-tested tried and proven knowledge, techniques, technologies, habits and behaviors you can systematically access and sustain this highest degree of global alpha coherence and even become permanently established in it close to 100% of the time.

If you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling or not growing as fast you’d like then through implementing our New Mavericks proprietary Global Alpha High-Performance program, you and your team will more naturally and effortlessly:

  1. Enhance and protect your competitive advantage.
  2. Maximize your global alpha coherence, mind-heart-brain-body coordination and reflexes.
  3. Expand your mental, emotional and physical capacity.
  4. Have greater inner knowing to make the right decision at any moment.
  5. Have more support to create even more revolutionary results.
  6. Foster higher quality prosperous, truthful, coherent and harmonious relationships.
  7. Experience greater fortune in market fluctuations and industry disruptions, and be the positive change.
  8. Enjoy a longer more successful tenure in good health, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The bottom line is when leaders and teams maximize their global alpha coherence they can maximize their total Net Worth in Health, Wealth, Happiness, Purpose, Success, Reputation and Relationships and make an even greater contribution to the evolution of their company, industry, and world.

Warren Buffet stated:

“Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll ever make in your life.

There’s no financial investment that’ll ever match it because if you develop more skill, more ability, more insight, more capacity, that’s what’s going to really prove economic freedom.

It’s those skills that really make that happen.”

Based on the research above, investing in global alpha coherence development is the greatest investment you and your team can ever make in yourselves because it helps you all have more of the best thoughts at the right time to act on.

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