New Mavericks Act from the GAP

By on July 13, 2014

New Mavericks conquer and have command and control of their mind and emotions by functioning from the GAP (lets call it Greater Access to Potential). It is the silent GAP between all thoughts and feelings, the most powerful infinite source of all pure coherent positive evolutionary thoughts, feelings, creativity and energy. It is that place and space in everyone where pure potential energy, clarity, stability, creativity, love, peace and intelligence reside. When someone is unstable and loses control and hurts others, it is because they have lost connection to this coherent silent orderly GAP between thoughts and feelings. This is very important because New Mavericks understand that whatever you are doing to others you are ultimately only doing to yourself. Having greater control of mind and emotions by functioning from the GAP you are able to think and do more good for others and yourself.

The average person has roughly 70,000 thoughts per day. High-performers have less than 15,000! The reason for this is because high-performers function more from this silent GAP where the right thought at the right time comes spontaneously. The clearer the experience of the GAP, the more potent and in tune your thoughts and feelings are. Stress and strain block access to this reservoir of pure thoughts making them distorted, fragmented and incoherent with little or no value. Transcending and dissolving stress in the heart and mind allows us to regain access to the gap of pure positive evolutionary thoughts and energy again.

Spontaneous right action is the ultimate goal for every New Maverick leader. Every human being has the potential and the right to be a New Maverick leader. The ultimate goal is to evolve to the level where you are only having the right thoughts at the right time, for spontaneous right action. This is only really possible when you are functioning from the GAP.

Using the GAP
One of our clients is renowned for his ability to create successful mergers and acquisitions. Often in negotiation meetings he will be completely silent even when ask to speak. Some think he uses this as a sweat tactic to bluff the party he’s negotiating with. In actual fact, he is quietly thinking of how he feels about the company owner and their business. He is literally tapping into the GAP to gain greater insight into the potential long-term success of acquiring the company. The GAP is available to you at any time in any situation; it just depends on your ability to access it.

Examples of Being in the GAP
When top tennis players are asked what they were thinking when they hit a winning shot, they often say they weren’t thinking of anything. They were in the GAP, so everything came spontaneously. Personally, as a track athlete, I would approach the home straight not knowing how much energy I had left to finish. Yet without fail when I was able to go beyond the physical limitations and stress I was under, I’d somehow get into the GAP. New energy would come from nowhere and I would make a strong finish. When I couldn’t access the GAP, I’d struggle to the finish line like a racecar out of gas.

The GAP is real investing in your Self
Investing in your self is not just spending money on more information or knowledge. It is taking time to simply be with your silent unbounded Self. When there is more silence in the mind, we have greater access to more pure powerful thoughts and feelings. There is less quantity and more quality thoughts.

Real self-development is consistent spirit of inquiry into the GAP
If we don’t have consistent spirit of inquiry into life and ourselves, we are simply not going to develop our total potential. No matter how intelligent or successful you are, there is still more to unfold, because the potential in the GAP is infinite, whereas mind, body, intellect and ego are limited. Very few can say they are completely integrated in all areas of their life and using 100% of their 100 billion neurons. At best most of us are only using 10-15% of our potential. Spirit of inquiry into the GAP develops more connections in our brain, so we see more connections in the outer world. More connections in personal or business relationships or bringing out new creative ideas.

Einstein accessed the GAP
Einstein stated “problems can’t be solved on the level of consciousness that created them”. Einstein knew the GAP was between waking and sleeping. This is where he found the answers to all the problems he was trying to solve. When faced with a problem, New Mavericks first change their awareness by expanding their consciousness.

The GAP in scientific terms can be considered similar to dark energy that permeates all space and accelerates the expansion of the universe. The more we are acting from the GAP, the more we are accelerating the expansion of our progress.

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About Raamon Newman

New Mavericks Founder, Executive Development Adviser Raamon is an executive development advisor with 15 years experience working with top CEO’s and executives in New Zealand, Australia, US and Europe. He is a founding Managing Partner and CEO of Raam Global Consulting who provide executive development and support in the form of enlightened leadership made simple to leaders in such companies as EBOS Group (largest medical supply company in Australasia), Oliver’s Real Food’s (Australia’s fastest growing fresh fast food franchise), Woodmart, Feedback ASAP, Retail Holdings Ltd, The O’Halloran Group, Labor Lawyers, Novartis, Warner Group, IRTH Communications, Hawthorne Direct, Natel, Buttoned-Up and Turner Manufacturing-Kleenrite.