New Mavericks Know Commanding Positive Action Trumps Thinking Positive

By on July 13, 2014

Ever tried to be or think positive about things only to find you weren’t able to maintain it? After a certain period of time and negativity, doubt and uncertainty crept back in. A more natural and authentic way to have sustainable positivity for progress comes when you shift from the paradigm of trying to be, think, visualize or affirm positivity to being in a state of super fluidity where all possibilities exist and you command what you want.

Command what you want to create and see happen
Inherit within commanding is being positive. Being or thinking positive you are relying on things to happen. Being commanding people do things for you because you are initiating and leading which people like because it gives direction. Being positive you are hoping people do things for you. Command from being in a good space within yourself by having a coherent mind that sees the big picture and the details.

When in doubt command to be positive
Commanding you are creating and overriding everything with your influence. Being positive is more on the level of attitude and behavior. Be like a film director who has command over all the elements to get the best scene.

Commanding is about transcending all attributes, boundaries and stress to lead from the source of all positivity, that unbounded ocean of bliss in your heart. We come from bliss, we are maintained by bliss, and we merge back into bliss. New Mavericks align with “follow your bliss” and follow it without hesitation, because bliss is the wholeness greater than all the parts and the basis for being and thinking positive.

Commanding comes from being at the source of all pure thoughts, beyond the superficial, stressed, incoherent and disorderly useless thoughts. In science it is known as zero point motion, the vacuum state, which is a state of frictionless superfluity. This state of being exists in the GAP between all thoughts, words, musical notes, hitting a tennis ball or anything.

To have all possibility awareness one needs to be functioning from just being. Everything is possible, but are we awake to this? Everything is possible, but are we developed enough to receive, accept and be this reality? We are the field of all possibilities only when we are awake to this reality that eternally exists between every thought and action. Exceptional leaders dominate a market due to their ‘all possibility awareness’ in creatively finding and serving customers. Sir Richard Branson’s success is a perfect example of this; he thinks of all possibilities to make his customers happy and them commands the implementing the most practical profound ones. To really function from this field of all possibilities to command progress requires letting go of boundaries to be in the unbounded state of creativity, energy and possibility that is not limited by anyone or anything. Commanding from this state is being and thinking positive without having to try and be and think positive all the time.

Commanding we naturally think positive thoughts
We gain more clarity and energy when we think from subtler, quieter levels of the mind where the field of all possibilities and positivity exists. A quieter mind allows you to have less quantity of thoughts and more quality thoughts.

Commanding your awareness being established in the field of all possibilities and positivity we naturally have more positive thoughts, feelings and perceptions of others and ourselves. We realize “I am the creator of my reality”.  Being awake to the field of all possibilities allows us to see and know the most positive possibility on the inside rather than thinking we have to manipulate things on the grosser levels of our mind and speech to think positive thoughts, which takes time and energy and takes us away from being fully present in the moment.

Commanding Requires Trust & Faith in the Uknown
Attending the Directors Guild of America nominees discussion the past two years one common theme became obvious to me. Top directors like Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, Tom Hooper, Ben Affleck and Katherine Bigleow tend to trust the unknown – the field of all possibilities – and have faith everything will work out if they just show up and command what they want to see. As they move into a day of shooting, they often don’t know how it’s going to work out but through trust and faith in the field of all possibilities they command all the elements they can to capture the best scenes.

 Settle your Mind to Command Positive Direction
If we really look at life there is only really one problem, not having a settled alert mind. When we have this nothing is a problem, there’s just things we have to handle and take care of. When we do not have a settled alert mind, everything is a problem, and we have to force ourselves to think positive. This takes effort and energy and is not sustainable. When the mind is settled, it is more alert to all possibilities and we can command things in the most positive direction. This is why commanding always trumps trying to be and think positive.

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