New Mavericks Develop Deserving Power to Get what they Want

By on September 8, 2014

New Mavericks understand that sometimes they don’t always get what they want, but know they will get what they deserve. We get what we deserve based on the level of merit or demerit we have created through our thoughts, feelings, speech and actions.

We have unlimited power to desire
We can desire whatever we want; yet whether we achieve the fruits of our desires and actions is another thing. For some, it seems like things just drop into their lap. For others it requires more time, development and effort for fruits of actions to appear.

Our desires get fulfilled based on our power of knowledge and power of action and the degree to which we integrate the two to live them spontaneously. The power of knowledge is what we do with our faculties of perception like our mind, senses, intellect and ego. For example, when we have good thoughts, feelings and intentions towards others, the power of knowledge is creating good merit for us. Vice-versa for when we are projecting negative thoughts and feelings. As you invest more in your power of knowledge and use it wisely the more deserving you become.

The power of action is what we do with our organs of action, which is everything from our speech through to all physical parts of our body. Acting kindly towards others and ourselves with our mental faculties, senses and organs of action determines the amount of deserving power develop to support fulfillment of our desires. Get the drift, the reality you’re experiencing and the reality you create is based on you.

 The quickest way to gain good merit
An efficient method to gain good merit is through greater experience of inner silence. This allows us to expand our awareness and heart to see more possibilities, believe more and give more goodwill to others. This is through picking up on pure positive thoughts and feelings at their source, where they are crystal clear, purposeful, truthful and most powerfully concentrated with love. Thoughts and feelings at this finest level of silence contain more potency, holistic passion, inspiration and compassion for life supporting actions. Having these qualities lively in our awareness, we become highly motivated to get up in the morning to make a valuable contribution to the world.

With greater silence in our mind we purify our thinking to experience the great potential we have and no lack or pinch experienced in giving or receiving. We realize we are abundantly resourceful and able to attract what we want to fulfill our desires, as long as we have created enough deserving power both inside and outside ourselves to do so.

Develop good merit wherever you are and in whatever you think, say and do.
New Mavericks consistently create good merit in everything they feel, think, say and do personally and professionally. This creates maximum deserving power to fulfill their desires or offset negativity. It allows them to go with that frictionless flow of having the right thought at the right time.

If someone falls on their journey to fulfilling their desires, it generally means their deserving power is not quite there to support the fulfillment of their desires. If this is the case, then one must look at how they can increase their deserving power by feeling, thinking and doing good.

Taking recourse to silence is the most powerful way to boost deserving power as mentioned above and also by tithing 10-20% of your time, talent, money and knowledge to good causes that uplift people spiritually, mentally and physically. Tithing to causes related to food, water, shelter, health and spiritual development are considered the most powerful. Also by giving more love and attention to those near and dear supports your deserving power because they intimately affect your life, as they say ‘blood is thicker than water’.

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