New Mavericks Keep Company of the Wise

By on October 6, 2015

True New Maverick leaders seek company of the wise for both protection and development of themselves. In the past, Wise counsel have been an intrinsic part of ancient kingdoms to guide rulers. The complexity and fast pace of the modern world means the company of the Wise is needed more than ever by top leaders to create balance and stability.

New Mavericks are both street smart & spiritually smart

A New Maverick leader is not bound by past or present knowledge and concepts. They are always upgrading themselves on all levels by raising their consciousness. They know knowledge and truth is different in different states of consciousness. Being street smart is based on gut instincts and observing and experiencing how life works. Spiritually smart involves developing consciousness based on inner knowing and seeing the whole picture. Combining these two smartness’s along with surrounding your self with inspired wise people with stable minds and expanded awareness helps cover blind spots, gives deeper insights and offsets weaknesses. New Mavericks are in tune with higher organizing power through themselves and the wise company they keep.

Spiritual smart trumps Street smart in the end

Often our clients are in a process of intense transformation. One clients’ business was subject to a hostile takeover by foreign interests. In the space of three months we helped him realize the evolutionary nature of what was happening and it was time to let go and move on to the next stage of his business life. He was street smart enough to handle the underhanded nature of the takeover but lacked the spiritual smartness to view the bigger picture of what was really going on. By letting go of the street-fight in his business he was able to move on to start a revolutionary new company and also receive back his financial share of his previous business. While his old business is now rapidly declining, his new business is steadily growing. By not focusing on the immediate situation we guided him towards learning the lessons, which lead him to the right solution. Letting go to embrace change and transformation is a key leadership skill not easily done alone as our client, a Direct Response Advertising Hall of Famer, describes below.

“Having a team of people with high quality attention intently focused on my personal and company growth has brought about a number of surprising positive transformations. I have a greater sense of invincibility, inner peace and affluence as a result of their empowering intentions and attention as well as their profound insights and wisdom. If you are looking for a new and profound way to transform your personal energy and performance, and that of your business, I highly recommend having an introductory call with these guys to experience the effect they have in minimizing negativity, removing obstacles, creating clarity about yourself and your business which bring about enhanced well being and good fortune.”

Tim Hawthorne, Founder/CEO Hawthorne Direct, Los Angeles, USA

Another client describes his experience of our insightful support this way:

“The calls I have with Paolo and Raamon are highly insightful, providing the link between self development and the practical application to business, which I have not found elsewhere. I find the time spent invaluable for stopping to reflect deeply and meaningfully, helping challenge long held views and conventional practices and see things for what they really are, which is necessary in our fast paced and rapidly changing world. This has resulted in greater clarity of thinking and heightened awareness, which I believe, has made me more effective as a GM.”

Kelvin Hyland, GM EBOS Healthcare, Auckland, New Zealand


About Raamon Newman

New Mavericks Founder, Executive Development Adviser Raamon is an executive development advisor with 15 years experience working with top CEO’s and executives in New Zealand, Australia, US and Europe. He is a founding Managing Partner and CEO of Raam Global Consulting who provide executive development and support in the form of enlightened leadership made simple to leaders in such companies as EBOS Group (largest medical supply company in Australasia), Oliver’s Real Food’s (Australia’s fastest growing fresh fast food franchise), Woodmart, Feedback ASAP, Retail Holdings Ltd, The O’Halloran Group, Labor Lawyers, Novartis, Warner Group, IRTH Communications, Hawthorne Direct, Natel, Buttoned-Up and Turner Manufacturing-Kleenrite.