Ancestral Formula for Success

By on February 13, 2015

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Cody Rall here, broadcasting from the frozen north to bring you a muse on human survival.

Some eighty thousand years ago, a bipedal hominid managed to migrate out of the east african sahara to cover the globe, despite living in sub-zero temperatures without protective insulation. Some may argue that an upright stance or opposable thumbs were what made this advanced primate so successful, however a philosopher Alfred Korzybski would argue differently.

Fundamental differences in how this organism managed space and time allowed a distinction between humans, plants, and animals that made ALL the difference. The Ancestral Formula for Success of early human survival depended on communication of knowledge



About Cody Rall

Physician & Brain Researcher Cody developed a healthy respect for the natural world as a youth raised in Alaska. In his teenage years, he would spend weeks in the Alaskan wilderness with his father, hunting moose and other big-game animals. Cody later developed a preference to photograph wildlife and study the world through science. As an undergraduate, he worked with model organisms in a molecular genetics laboratory, experimenting with DNA expression. At the same time, Cody was learning about health and fitness by competing in bodybuilding shows. Through modifying his own body with exercise and diet, Cody developed first- hand, invaluable insight towards human physiology. He then attended medical school in Chicago, IL to combine his passion for science, health and people. During his medical school studies, Cody found new passion in the brain sciences.