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By on April 23, 2015

Here at New Mavericks we pride ourselves on finding the diamonds in the rough, amazingly talented people who have always been there below the surface and about to be discovered. When they are, they shine a whole new light on matters and unleash amazing game changing effects on an industry and the world. Jalal Pashandi, Dr. AyYaiYai, is one such New Maverick you want to know and engage with, here’s why:

AY YAI YAI® Company creates Fabulous Global Marketing  & Branding effects for Mindful Brands!

Ay Yai Yai!! You‘ve probably said and heard these three powerful syllables as an immediate audible happy response to something credible, amazing and fabulous, it literally brings a flood of good emotions that completely changes your default mood to fabulous feelings. We are capable to bring this AY YAI YAI Fabulous Effect in your brands and in your consumer’s minds in a matter of 30-90 days or less. Our AY YAI YAI Fab Effect utilizes the principles and power of creating a Tipping Point experience for your brand.

 Fearless Integrated Creativity for On Demand Global Awareness

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(these guys embody the Ay Yai Yai feeling and effect all mindful brands can have)

We are a fearless strategic marketing and production company in one, focused on delivering brilliant integrated creative ideas. We serve you with Excellence not with Espressos. We offer our creative services to all Eco Friendly Brands willing to do Good Karma for humanity. Clearly without humanity we have no one to serve and everyone wants to feel better just being human. We believe this is what makes a brand triumphs in the long run, so why not cut to the chase and give those you serve the feelings and experience they truly deserve. At the same time, we strive to create agile powerful campaigns that can be deployed in days, not months or years.

AY YAI YAI ® Strategy and Approach

 We believe in the direct approach and the path of least action, resistance and financial resource to engage mass audiences and turn them into devoted fans of your Brand. We will never apply marketing strategies that are simply not acceptable for your product or the dignity of humanity! With our AY YAI YAI® approach you may not have to pay for the celebrities to endorse your Brands, NO we will never put that same old Gold fish in a Plastic bag. There are many simple creative ways to approach and respect consumers in supporting your Mindful Brands. Let us help you help humanity. We create supportive relationships through vigilant communication, observation, productivity, simplicity, out-of-the-box creativity and respect for consumers.

 Jalal Pashandi is Dr. AY YAI YAI

 With nearly 30 years experience in Advertising and film production in Hollywood and abroad Jalal is an absolute hands on practical Creative, Director, Cameraman and Producer, from writing up the concept and seeing it’s execution from A-Z from Pre-production to post-production. Budgets are not his main point of interest or concerns, certainly a need but not a creative block.

Jalal combines his experience in production, zestful life ingredients, education in Arts & Sciences and diverse strategies to create what he calls Intellectual Contributions instead of Advertising, to support those Mindful Brands who are willing to contribute towards a healthier world, where:

  • Brands create a genuine credible role in multicultural societies & empower consumers.
  • Humane Innovative Business Ideas create bigger and consistent growth because they transform the effect and enhance relationship consumers have with your Brands.
  • Demographic Business solutions that move your products into the hands of the right consumers, who openly receive them because you’ve created the right marketing mindset, going with the flow.
  • Your Brands’ AY YAI YAI® feel good effect will become embedded in the consumers mind.


 Dr. AY YAI YAI Speaks:

“Since the early 1990’s as an individual, a consumer and a fearless creative I have been advising some of the biggest profiting global Brands (i.e. Coke, Anheuser Busch, Levi’s) to:

  •  Stand for something more than gains and dividends (i.e. “America We Care” campaign)!
  •  Use the wonderful power of media to better market their brands by creating genuine credible messaging through delivering intellectual contributions that build a long lasting social awareness!
  • Show some responsibility and respect to your consumers’ intelligence as human beings!
  • Give something back to your consumers; let’s make them feel mindful and empowered!

These are very simple powerful approaches to social solutions, yet vital for consumers and Brands long-term survival. Those Brands loved my humane approach; their Ad agencies did not!

NOW after decades of global destruction and social damages, the very same Brands and their giant Ad agencies are finally taking the same approach. ONLY because they are facing today’s intelligent consumers who are mad, insulted and have lost interest in these brands, and demanding explanations plus damages for their actions to boot! This is what we can avert for you right from the beginning of your brands launch, during it’s expansion and in it’s ultimate fulfillment in the minds, hearts and hands of your consumers. It would truly be an honor and a joy to work with you using this powerful humane approach to inspire consumers towards your eco friendly brand.”

Yours in devoted service to you, your brand and humanity’s success & fulfillment,

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AY YAI YAI ® Founder Jalal Pashandi

Ph: 310-347-9666

Email: info@AYYAIYAI.tv

Web:   www.AYYAIYAI.tv


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