Biofeedback through Personal EEG devices

By on December 2, 2014

Hello New Mavericks,

Cody Rall MD here. First of all, very excited to join the New Mavericks team. Judging by the webinar earlier this month, we truly have some inspiring people in this organization. This kind of “Mastermind group” is exactly the kind of catalyst needed to impact real change in the world.

This week I bring to you a nice video filmed on a Washington DC rooftop. In this talk, I cover some exciting new products that are available in 2014 that may change the world. Not only can these devices be used for self improvement, but they may also be used soon to allow direct connection of the human mind to machines and the internet. If this sounds far-fetched, think again. We are rapidly able to capture brain wave activity in the form of thoughts and translate this into computer programming. Tune in to the video below and browse the links I have included to educate yourself on the fascinating world of biofeedback technology with EEG headsets. I also threw in some old-school self-improvement references from Earl Nightingale and “The Strangest Secret” 🙂

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