Business in the Quantum Age; Chaos, order or a greater synthesis?

By on July 29, 2014

We are in unusual times; everything we once knew is dissolving around us. We watch the destruction of our ecology and life support systems, we witness the collapse of our social systems, and every day we watch the suffering of human beings and other species across the globe as we war over our final resources. Are we are in the last stages of the greatest collapse in known history?  But could this collapse be serving us as a great evolutionary driver, awakening us from our slumber? And what is organisations role in this awakening?

Throughout time chaos is seen to precede great quantum leaps in progress. Humanity has been caught in this chaos and an uncomfortable suffering and stirring for the longest of times. Our collective slumber repeats the same dream over and over, caught in a loop. Could we now be at the beginning a new dream, one of a synthesis between our innate wisdom and the intellect behind our greatest achievements, finally transcending our insanity?

It is a pivotal point in history, as I write war is ready to re-emerge in Iraq and we live in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, devastating our oceans and environment, juxtaposed against movements of people reaching critical mass who hold a truth far more beautiful.  We are in a time that has been prophesied about for millennia and by many cultures and traditions; an age futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard has called it the first age of ‘Conscious Evolution’. Marx Hubbard refers to particular stage of evolution as the birth of the ‘universal human’, human beings with the ability to craft new realities that are a synthesis of two worlds. Whatever it is, all the signs are pointed to the eruption of chaos proceeding a time of endless possibilities.

For the first time collectively we are awakening to the structures that once held us for what they are; unstable, outdated and built upon flawed premises, that of a finite universe of which there is no rhyme or reason, each separate to the other, in competition for scarce resources. As we teeter on the precipice of this new age of true aliveness, we are being called to step up and out of the previous limitations we once believed to be true and into an infinite new world.

Whilst the Newtonian world view mapped the observable reality, like all discoveries and theories, eventually we must make room for an expanded version; it is not incorrect yet it is grossly incomplete, and that changes everything. Evolution’s drive to renew and expand towards greater and greater synthesis is serving us to awaken. Today we have a science that connects the missing dots as well as each of us. And it has replaced the Newtonian worldview with an understanding of a greater reality that is infinitely alive and connected. Radical maybe, but Quantum Science and its discoveries and theories have been with us for over 100 years; and today it is recognized as the new paradigm of science, so we better get used to it.

Quantum physics paints an enormous picture of a complex and yet unified reality, theories suggest that behind the smallest sub atomic matter, there is a field of pure consciousness; where all reality and physical form originates. It is also said to be where our own consciousness originates, and that our conscious is in constant interface with it, our focus and thoughts being the very cause bringing matter and experiences in and out of our reality. This ‘universal human’ super power places us each at the very hub of creation.

This is no small matter; no longer can we believe that we are we at the mercy of the world. So the big question once we digest this is then how do we harness our true power and consciously create the next phase of human development? And how can complex systems such as organization’s tap into this new paradigm to recreate themselves so they serve humanity?  Quantum theory sheds new light on the dichotomy between the two opposing values of chaos and order and the subtle sub atomic reality and gross physical one, now it is possible to understand how the two serve us with the perfect tension to evolve.

Meg Whealtey in Leadership and the New Science tells us that ‘Our seventeenth-century organizations are crumbling. We have prided ourselves, in all these centuries since Newton and Descartes, on the triumphs of reason, on the absence of magic. Yet we, like the best magicians of old, have been hooked on manipulation. For three centuries, we’ve been planning, predicting and analyzing the world. We’ve held on to an intense belief in cause and effect. We’ve raised planning to the highest of priest crafts and imbued numbers with absolute power’ pg 637 Meg Wheatley

This incomplete worldview is the model our structures and organisations are founded on, almost completely removing the human of its beingness. But the law of cause and effect holds true beyond the material level of reality. Our very beingness (though our thoughts and feelings) is the true level of cause or creation and the material reality is in fact the level of effect or where the results show up.  So when in our ignorance we have tried to change things on the level of physical reality, we go nowhere fast and lasting change is not attained, yet when we change at the level of cause and thought, we are harness our true power to create lasting and sustainable change externally. ‘That is why a revolution in consciousness is our greatest hope for the future of the world’  Marianne Williamson, The Huffington Post, ‘The Revolution of Consciousness’,

Galvanizing the true power inherent within group consciousness, Mindvalley have revolutionized their business through what owner Vishen Lakhiani refers to as ‘Consciousness Engineering’ and it is having extra ordinary effect within and external to the organization. The key is the focus they give to each individual and the development of their consciousness and career, with the collective consciousness they craft alongside the conscious business principles and strategies they implement. Mindvalley is a flourishing example of an organisation conscious of the true an inherent power of individual and the collective power to craft new and sustainable realities. Working with the inward out flow and tension and the interplay between chaos and rigor, they have been able to revolutionise business inside out and land extra ordinary success. Mindvalley are carving out new standards for business in the quantum age, creating a synthesis between the two worlds and whilst making the changes they wish to see.



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