Raamon Newman

Founder/CEO New Mavericks

Raamon Newman is a former top three nationally ranked track athlete, 4-time state championship winning Rugby player, 10 year full-time meditating monk, Meisner trained actor, is a graduate from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with a Bachelor’s of Commerce, and for the last two decades a Globally trusted CEO development advisor. He is the Founder / Chief New Mavericknator of New Mavericks: The World’s Most Truthful CEO Advisors for Maximizing CEO’s Protection, Evolution & Support for what they want to see happen.

Raamon and his business partner Paolo D’Angelo are truly consciousness based CEO development experts having spent over 25 years (over 40,000 hours) as full time meditating monks (8 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year), giving them the deepest wisdom and technologies for harnessing maximum protection, evolution and support for leaders.

They have over two decades experience working with top CEO’s and executives in New Zealand, Australia, US and Europe. They’ve provided CEO development and support to leaders of “forward thinking” companies such as EBOS Group (largest medical supply company in Australasia), Oliver’s Real Food’s (Australia’s fastest growing organic fast food franchise & the World’s First Certified Organic Fast Food chain), IRTH Communications, (top investor relations experts to positive change small cap company’s) Feedback ASAP, Hawthorne Direct, Retail Holdings Ltd, The O’Halloran Group, Labor Lawyers, Novartis, Woodmart, Warner Group, Natel, Buttoned-Up and Turner Manufacturing-Kleenrite.

Raamon and Paolo have successfully applied this diverse experience of life to create game changing leadership effects for clients he and his business partner, Paolo D’Angelo, work with. Their greatest feat is guiding a top CEO through a major acquisition that doubled the size of the company from $3 billion to $6 billion in six months. They have also helped CEOs recover from strokes quickly and avert bankruptcy.

Raamon and Paolo’s primary client driven purposes are to:

  • Resolve leaders most pressing issues & doubts in 60 mins or less
  • Support leaders in having greater clarity to close bigger and better deals faster and with more ease.
  • Help a leader understand and master their past, present and future influences and pressures to protect and enhance their health, wealth and happiness.
  • Heighten leaders awareness, vision, positive energy, creativity, deserving power and devotion so they have more command and support for what they want to see happen.

Raamon and Paolo have been working with many of their clients for many years because their clients love their deep, spontaneous, relevant and timely personalized insights, that they haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Insights like how to develop themselves and what, when, why and where to put their attention so they progress through the path of least resistance and action and with the greatest amount of support and fulfillment at each step of the journey.





Paolo D’Angelo

Paolo D’Angelo

New Mavericks Founder, Chief Executive Development Adviser

Paolo is an executive development advisor with over 20 years experience working with top CEO’s and executives in New Zealand, Australia, US and Europe. He has provided executive development and support to leaders in such companies as EBOS Group (largest medical supply company in Australasia), Oliver’s Real Food’s (Australia’s fastest growing fresh fast food franchise), Woodmart, Feedback ASAP, Retail Holdings Ltd, The O’Halloran Group, Labor Lawyers, Novartis, Warner Group, IRTH Communications, Hawthorne Direct, Natel, Buttoned-Up and Turner Manufacturing-Kleenrite.

Paolo came from a background of not graduating high school to being a body-builder and personal trainer who also owned his own gym, security company and sport & entertainment ticket selling business.

At the age of 25 he realized that the true fulfillment he really sort started on the inside. He then devoted himself to 15 years meditating full-time; six of those years in the Valley of the Saints, 7,000 feet up in the Himalayas, near Uttar Kashi, India, for his own personal development and make a pure contribution to world peace.

He believes the best way to help everyone is through working with leaders who influence many people as the more developed the leader the more they can give, protect and inspire their people. His top client says of Paolo, “I continue to work with you because I don’t know what you’re going to say that will shift my perspective to see things in a better way.”

David Williams CEO of Fish BowlDavid Williams

CEO of Fishbowl (Inventory Software) & Leadership Author

David Williams serves as Chief Executive Officer of Fishbowl, the nation’s leading provider of inventory management software for SMBs and asset tracking solution for larger enterprises. Fishbowl Inventory is the No. 1 inventory management software for QuickBooks users. With software similar to this open source repair tracking software / ServiceMax may be a good way to track repair and inventory management.

The company is one of Intuit’s original Gold Development partners. The company has achieved numerous awards for its continually fast growth. Fishbowl grew 70% in 2011, the same year it achieved a 100% company buyback with partner Mary Michelle Scott, President of Fishbowl. The company is the catalyst for growth through business partnerships in the newly created Fishbowl Partner Nation, Fishbowl Developer Network and Fishbowl Referrer Programs. He is also a frequent speaker and author on business leadership topics who has keynoted events for Utah’s MWCN, written on business leadership for Deseret News, and, most recently, has become a contributing columnist for Harvard Business Review.

David brings a unique fire, vision and passion to his position that empowers employees to accomplish more than casual observers might think possible. It is this unique leadership skill that transformed a small struggling software development group into the industry leader Fishbowl has become in the time he has been the CEO. Under his watch, Fishbowl has won dozens of awards for its impressive growth year after year from the Inc. 500/5000, Deloitte, Red Herring, Smart 25, Utah Business, MWCN and more. David himself was honored as one of vSpring Capital’s Top 100 Venture Capital Entrepreneurs in 2011 and 2012.

David is co-creator of the Courage Above Mountains (CAM) Center and CAM Foundation. These organizations serve as Fishbowl’s social and corporate responsibility arm, providing business incubation space and digital learning programs for small businesses in the Utah community, as well as providing learning, health and enrichment services to underserved individuals in the US and abroad. David is a member of the Woodbury School of Business National Advisory Council at Utah Valley University. In this role, he mentors business students, offers career advice, and prepares young entrepreneurs to succeed in the business world. He also serves on the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.Prior to joining Fishbowl, David held several other executive positions and has served on a number of companies’ boards of directors. David served as CEO of Franklin Quest Canada, and later Managing Director of First Things First, a division of Covey Leadership, a world leader in time management and leadership consulting.

He is author of The Seven Non-Negotiables of Winning: Tying Soft Traits to Hard Results. Find out more about the 7NN’s.


unnamed-2Michael Sternfeld

Producer and Body-centered Therapist

Michael Sternfeld’s new maverick abilities span the full range of life, from the real big–producer of epic events…to the real small–as a body-centered therapist, exploring the subtler fields of body intelligence –and everything in between.

He began his performing career as a professional dancer in leading contemporary companies in Chicago and New York. Near the end of his performing career, he shifted from the performing arts toward the healing arts. He trained in various body-mind modalites, became a Certified Trager Bodyworker, and later returned to graduated school to earn a Masters in Vedic Psychology. Building upon these foundations, he began to explore the relationship between consciousness and the human body, developing his signature approach to Body-Centered Therapy, called Body Presence. Drawing upon his movement background, bodywork training, and psycho-spiritual knowledge, Body Presence evolved into a grand synthesis, offering an embodied foundation for integrating spirit, emotions and body.

Over the next 20 years, he presented workshops and private sessions to thousands of individuals, interested to learn how to become more present with their brilliant Body Intelligence. Michael’s work revealed that those who can access this body intelligence—the gut-level feelings, the heart’s desires, and what moves them (and what doesn’t)—navigate through life with much greater power, integration, and skill in decision-making.

Interwoven with his work in body therapies, Michael also developed a concurrent career as a world-class producer of epic events, featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, especially during a recent 5-year stint as the event producer for the David Lynch Foundation. These productions featured the likes of: Paul McCartney, Ringo, Sheryl Crow, Moby, The Beach Boys, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jim Carrey.

Over the last 30 years, he has produced, directed and/or performed in over 400 theater, music, dance, audio, video and performance art events, culminating in his opus–the first complete audio production of the epic Ramayana–the first great hero’s quest. At 75 hours in length, this dramatic production–the world’s longest audio book– was awarded the “2004 Outstanding Project of the Year” by the National Endowment of Humanities. Art and transformation inspired from the depths of consciousness has been Michael’s life-long passion.

He loves deep silence–nurtured through his 40-year practice of meditation — counter-balanced with dynamic performing and producing.

Mark Imperial

Mark Imperial

Direct Response Marketing

Mark Imperial is a marketing prodigy certified by Dan Kennedy, and the founder of the Imperial Action Agency. His agency specializes in helping SMBs to Get, Keep, and Multiply Profits through the Marketing Science he calls “Action-Branding” – which is the marriage of Direct Response Marketing for greater revenues, and Branding for accelerated acceptance and growth.

Besides his work for SMBs, he is also the event marketer and voice for some of the world’s most famous brands in the video game, sportswear, entertainment, and technology fields, just to name a few.

Mark hosts a weekly Business and Marketing radio show in Chicago, and writes the monthly column in Dan Kennedy’s No BS Marketing Letter called “Grow Your Local Business.

You can find Mark at: and

 Jim Signorelli

Jim Signorelli


JIM SIGNORELLI has always had a passionate interest in advertising. As a paperboy, he would build his subscriber base by market testing inserts he composed. “If you buy from me, I promise not to throw your paper in the bushes,” won out over, “You need the news, I need the money.” That passion led to a career in advertising that spanned more than thirty years. Jim is the cofounder and CEO of esw StoryLab, a Chicago based full-portfolio marketing firm that was recognized by Inc. magazine three times as one of the fastest growing independent companies in the United States. Prior to co founding his own agency in 1999, Jim earned his B.A. and M.A. in advertising from Michigan State University and established himself as an advertising executive at major national advertising agencies, including N.W. Ayer, W.B. Doner, Marsteller, Lois USA, and Frankel & Co. His clients have included Citibank, General Electric, Toshiba, Burger King, Arby’s, KFC, International Harvester, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, McDonald’s, The American Marketing Association, and many others.

As esw StoryLab grew, Jim became a story buff. He set out to understand why stories are so powerful and how branding and advertising can benefit from the story structure. His bestselling book, StoryBranding: Creating Standout Brands Through the Power of Story, is the result of three years of research on the subject. His newest title, StoryBranding 2.0 was released in February 2014. When he’s not running his agency, Jim is an avid golfer, tennis player, and musician. He and Joan, his wife, live in Evanston, Illinois.


Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn

Health & Fitness, Author and Speaker

In an earlier life (the 1990?s), Mark was an AFL Footballer for 6 years (though please don’t hold that against him … he can string two words together!).

Having trained in both exercise physiology (Western Science) and in natural, Eastern health-care (Maharishi Ayurveda), he now combines a best of East and West approach with his research into the world’s healthiest and longest living peoples.

His passion is in reminding people about the timeless, simple truths of health and wellbeing and helping them achieve the outer success they desire without compromising their inner happiness.

Concerned about the growing difficulties of Australian workers to enjoy a healthy work-life balance (his research shows that we Australians spend more time at work than any other nation), Mark also studied the universal productivity, time-management and success strategies of the world’s most effective businesspeople. He uses these insights to help people structure their work and life that allows for ongoing results together while maintaining personal balance.

Author & Speaker:

Mark is the author of ‘Healthy People Healthy Business’, ‘The Year Round Health & Wellbeing Program’ and the three time best-selling ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’ – the simple secrets of the world’s healthiest people. The first in a 3 book ‘Wisdoms of Health’ series, ‘Ancient Wisdom’ is now published in 7 countries, and has seen Mark featured in media throughout Australia & India. These include;

Richard Stubbs Show (ABC Melbourne)

Denis Walter Show (3AW Melb)

Dr Ross Walker and George & Paul Shows(2UE Syd)

The Glenn Wheeler Show with Susie Elelman (2GB Syd)

ABC Adelaide & Darwin

Margaret Throsby & The Spirit of Things Programs (ABC)

Feature articles have also appeared in magazines such as ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Australian Natural Health’, ‘Australian Yoga Life’ & ‘Management Today’.

As a health and work-life balance speaker, Mark is a former resource presenter for The Executive Connection – an International Group of CEO’s, and Duke Corporate Education (USA) – a global training company. He presents to up to 20,000 people a year in Australia, New Zealand and multiple countries around the world and is now considered a ‘first-choice’ speaker in the areas of health & wellbeing, personal performance, work-life balance and motivation.

Mark supports the Beyond Blue national depression initiative, the ‘Look Good Feel Better’ Program for Cancer Patients and the David Lynch

You can find Mark at

Natalie Jayne

Natalie Jayne

Coach and Mentor

Natalie Jayne is a coach and mentor working with other coaches and entrepreneurs to upscale their businesses & to create the changes they wish to see in the world. She supports them with conscious business principles and proven business strategies moving clients through blocks and limitations to embrace a whole new level of being and leading.

Having worked with communities in the slums of Bangladesh and India with her fair an ethical work, Natalie’s true work was revealed to her. Over the years, she began to understand the suffering experienced by millions across the globe, was a direct reflection of her own and the deep disconnection from her essential self.

The insatiable pursuit for more in the west, to satisfy an endless pit, she understood as the type of upside down misperceptions ripe in western countries and ultimately an original cause of the suffering she witnessed.

Working at the level of the effect (or the problem) she understood would not create the sustainable and lasting change she wished to see in the world, so she turned her attention to the level of cause, consciousness re-connection. Knowing that at this level of change, lasting change is established.‘Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them’ Albert Einstein

Her pursuit to understand deeply what was required led her to complete her Doctorate in Divinity on the ‘Consciously Evolving Organisation’, understanding the unique opportunity that entrepreneurs and organisation have in re-creating a conscious and connected world.

Michael Major

Michael G Major

Branding Legacy Leadership

Michael has worked extensively in the retail sector in Britain, Singapore, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand. He has been instrumental in establishing household retail brands such as Living & Giving, Columbus Coffee and Esquires Coffee Houses throughout New Zealand.

In recent years Michael has directed his energies into helping a wider spectrum of businesses improving the performance of their brands to increase customer acquisition and strengthen customer loyalty.

Michael knows every business can sustain success when it is driven by a wider purpose (a legacy), and a passion rather than being solely results focused. He knows every business has the ability to shine in a way that customers are drawn to them. He also knows every business can struggle when they lose the magic that makes them attractive. Or simply have trouble kick starting their business though not being able to identify where the magic resides within their business. Customers can sense it when the magic is missing.

Every business deserves to succeed and can.

Michael helps businesses succeed through focusing on:

  • establishing stronger business relevance for customers,
  • establishing how businesses should behave as a brand to deliver a greater and more memorable brand experience for the customer
  • identifying the ‘brand hook’ that makes the business compelling for customers
  • coaching leaders to improve their performance and their business performance through co-creating with them a ‘purpose’, a ‘legacy’ that matters

Michael is known for his wisdom, creativity, humour and a strong determination to help businesses succeed.

Mob: +64 21 709 007


Skype: michaelgmajor

Emily Shaw

Emily Rose Shaw

Natural Health Stylist

Emily Rose Shaw is the natural health-stylist. Blending the power of food, health, spirituality and style in a custom step-by-step process for sustainable change. She partners with creative professional women worldwide through her practice and The Earth Diet to reject dieting and discover their own natural health-style, heal emotional eating patterns, purify negative self-talk, resolve weight issues and cultivate beauty that begins within so they can feel free with food & their bodies, claim their full feminine power, confidence, creativity and rebirth a healthy relationship with food, themselves, others & the world.

Growing up with Transcendental Meditation and Ayurveda in her native Fairfield, IA, she’s had life-long experience with natural health and spirituality. From the front row at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to the front yard vegetable garden, her work spans from assisting a top fashion stylist in LA to working for her father’s gardening business.

She’s certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, holds a BA in Health & Human Physiology from the University of Iowa and an AA from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Tiffany Silver

Tiffany Silver

Intuitive Healer & Life Coach

Tiffany is a Healer to the Healers, and author who has studied in India, Israel, Hungary, and Thailand. Throughout her travels, studies and experiences she has acquired vast knowledge and enlightened tools, which she humbly and gratefully imparts in her new book, Silver to Gold – The Alchemy of the Feminine Heart.

“My purpose is to equip people with the emotional tools to transform, balance and empower their life forever.”

Tiffany has lived the life of a healer. Having once hit rock bottom, she learned how to rise up, heal herself and emerge triumphant. She discovered that healing others, into their fullest potential, was her calling and a gift that she now shares with the World.

In Silver to Gold – The Alchemy of the Feminine Heart Tiffany shares simple effective tools that will assist your journey into present awareness for whatever you would like to achieve. The philosophies are based on 5 easy principles: accept, allow, remember, surrender and embrace. ??”I remind my clients to re-language his/her life in order to attract what he/she is seeking.” I ‘brake’ it down to help illustrate what it means to be in the flow in every area of your life, every day.

In every moment there’s an opportunity to shatter old beliefs about the self. Therefore, we arrive into oneness, love and total self-acceptance.” One client refers to me as an emotional mechanic who gets under the hood to adjust what is needed.

Her client experiences testify her amazing ability to balance emotions so they can see things more clearing and make better decisions.

Melissa Zugell

Melissa Zugell

Dance Fitness Instructor

Coming from a dance background, Melissa Zugell has been dancing since she could remember. Learning everything from Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom to Slovenian Folk dance (her heritage!), she has come to share her truest passion for dance and fitness with others. Melissa’s combined passion for dance and fitness enabled her to seek innovative and effective techniques for her training, and is highly experienced in a variety of fitness practices. She is an AFFA certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer; a successful and accredited Zumba Fitness instructor 7+ years; certified Piloxing instructor; trained and completed Red Velvet fitness training.

Melissa also has numerous credits in TV and fitness DVD’s (including Zumba® Incredible Results DVD’s, Zumba® Exhilarate DVD’s, Dance off the Inches Latin Cardio Party, Get Out! TV segment for Santa Monica, Lionsgate “Be Fit” Zumba® Fitness segment featuring “Star Fit” with Kym Johnson, TV show The Biggest Loser, and Guiliana & Bill.)

She believes there is nothing more wonderful in the world than helping and watching people achieve what they thought was probably impossible – all while having FUN doing it! She enlivens the room with boundless positive energy that takes the “work” out of working out, and infuses her heart and soul into every movement. Her mantra is to “be the energy you want to attract!” Melissa aims to inspire the amateur, challenge the expert, and unite all through an energetic cardio dance workout meant for everyone!

Cody Rall

Physician & Brain Researcher

Cody developed a healthy respect for the natural world as a youth raised in Alaska. In his teenage years, he would spend weeks in the Alaskan wilderness with his father, hunting moose and other big-game animals. Cody later developed a preference to photograph wildlife and study the world through science. As an undergraduate, he worked with model organisms in a molecular genetics laboratory, experimenting with DNA expression. At the same time, Cody was learning about health and fitness by competing in bodybuilding shows. Through modifying his own body with exercise and diet, Cody developed first- hand, invaluable insight towards human physiology. He then attended medical school in Chicago, IL to combine his passion for science, health and people. During his medical school studies, Cody found new passion in the brain sciences.

The grand challenge of applying neuroscience for success of the general community and helping those with mental illness was too exciting to ignore. Cody is currently based in Washington, DC and works with military service members that have suffered traumatic brain injury and PTSD. He is currently using personal EEG devices to track brain wave changes in various conditions to show the public that biofeedback technology can revolutionize our understanding of the human mind.. Cody speaks regularly about health, fitness, and optimal functioning of the mind. He knows that the key to success is handling stress and designing an ecosystem that lets an entrepreneur flourish.

Cody’s mission is to raise awareness around technological advances that are ushering in a new era of sophistication surrounding mental function. It is Cody’s belief that technology will provide tools to curing serious mental illness and enhance the every-day person’s mind by improving concentration, memory and overall peace and satisfaction. Eventually, Cody thinks that our understanding of the human mind/brain will result in transformational developments that include brain/computer interface, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Tune in for Cody’s “New Mavericks game-changing videos”, and catch him on his “techforpsych” youtube channel.