New Mavericks Purify Hexagon of Inner Enemies

By on August 25, 2014

To truly be a New Maverick enjoying more frictionless sustainable progress requires purification of negative inner vices or enemies. These inner vices or enemies distract and block us from a state of frictionless flow as they cause outside enemies to block our progress.

The hexagon of internal enemies
The hexagon of internal enemies are lust, anger, greed, delusion, intoxication/vanity and jealousy. We could consider procrastination as another; however, this vice usually has its root in one of these six.

The presence of any of these six inner enemies creates external enemies. To experience peace, clarity and stability of mind, one must gain victory over all external enemies by purifying these six subtle inner enemies.  When the cause of all external enemies has been eradicated then external enemies recede and we gain real victory, allowing progress to unfold more effortlessly.

Real victory starts on the inside
New Maverick leadership is about real victory where there is no risk of inner defeat or losing ones sense of Self and purpose. Through suppressing outer enemies we cannot permanently be victorious because negativity is a part of life, we cannot eliminate it. Negativity is part of nature to help us grow. We can only neutralize negativity by conquering our inner enemies. Real victory happens when we overcome our internal enemies. Permanent neutralization of internal enemies is the basis for neutralizing external enemies because inner enemies give rise to the creation of the outer enemies. Neutralizing inner enemies we maximize progress because the inner enemies is held at bay.

Overcoming Greed for example
Greed is a vice or internal enemy that can pertain to almost anything in life be it money, food, drink, pleasure, material objects, power, control, or the need to be right all the time. Greed leads to misery and destruction in the end.

Personally, my physical exercise greed as a teenage athlete damaged my health and hence my ability to succeed at my sporting endeavor. Bernie Madoff’s financial greed profoundly affected his family and investor’s financial futures and his own life. If abundance of anything becomes unsustainable it means some greed was present or not enough value was given in creating it.

New Mavericks detest greed because their core value is to give enormous value to the world and in doing so they automatically overcome the greed vice. Greed in any shape or form will block us from long-term sustainable abundance

Overcoming Anger
Below is a client’s experience of working with us to overcome the vice of anger.

“Thank you Raamon and Paolo and TM.  Raamon and Paolo and TM have been instrumental in helping me to move forward with a deep inner and outer transformation that I have been working on for many years.  In the 18 months I have been working with them and the past 4 months I have been doing TM, I have accelerated in changing from being a generally angry and overly aggressive person, to experiencing an increasing inner serenity and love.

My position as a partner in corporate communications firm is quite intense, due to the hopes and dreams of many CEO’s and shareholders riding on their company as it is expressed in the stock market, so having a calm disposition is critical to being effective in my position and not taking the stresses of the day home with me.

Meditation and regular sessions with Paolo and Raamon have helped me to have a more compassionate and holistic perspective on life, which has led to more fulfillment and purpose for me in many ways. They and TM have helped me develop a feeling of real inner love and fulfillment grow inside of me, but which I am now committed to nurturing on a regular basis through continuing to work with them, practicing TM, and through daily acts of compassion through helping others.”

Robert Haag, Managing Director, IRTH Communications, Venice, USA

The inner hexagon is the cause of all suffering
New Mavericks know any form of suffering is due to past ignorant thoughts and actions based on any of the six internal enemies to our mind and emotions. New Mavericks realize we are only harming ourselves when harming others. To go beyond harming others and our own suffering we have to forgive and let go of the ignorance of past actions. We should have self-honesty by learning the lessons to become stronger and do good by helping others. The ultimate purpose of a New Maverick is to love, which means to share and give freely within appropriate boundaries.

Purifying inner enemies
A great Indian Ayurvedic physician once told me that good behavior, like speaking the truth and having a good daily routine, is the most important thing for having good vitality and health. Without good health and vitality our ability to overcome enemies is minimal, if at all. Good mental and physical health creates contentment and fulfillment, which gives the ability to be free-flowing, sharing and positive in thought, feeling and action.

He said the four most important behavioral rejuvenators that help purify the hexagon of inner enemies are:

1. Speak and live the sweet truth: By being true to ourselves, others and everything in nature.

 2. Respect your elders: They have been through the thick and thin of life so their experience, positive or negative, can be priceless in helping our experience of life if we can only take time to be with and respect them in what they share.

3. Have a good daily routine: Meaning proper quality and quantity of rest, meditation, activity and nourishment.

4. Avoid denouncing others, projecting or deflecting your own negativity on to others: Doing these will create your future experience of this. Better to be neutral and chill unless your natural liberties and physical well-being are threaten, then you must defend yourself.

Applying these behavioral rejuvenators will purify the subtle hexagon of internal enemies so you can enjoy real victory and support in everything you do.

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About Raamon Newman

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