How to Position Yourself to Conquer Distractions and Be in Your Zone

By on August 22, 2014

The problem with the information age
The information age is fantastic but has two major problems:

1. Internal distraction, from over-thinking, analyzing and fretting over a sea of minutia and information

2. External distraction, from being bombarded by so many channels of information that divides the mind.

This weakens our focus and ability to use our time to influence the future in the most powerful direction. Most distraction stems from two things:

1. Not having a settled enough mind to know who you are and how to position yourself as you evolve.

2. Not wanting to evolve and develop, and/or not knowing how, to have more of the right thoughts and feelings.

Information age supplemented by the Self-knowledge age
The information age needs to be supplemented and complimented by the self-knowledge age where everyone is self-positioned based on:

1. Who they are and who they need to become

2. What they are good and what they need to be good at to achieve what they want

3. What their unique higher purpose is that supports their goals.

Write down and define what these are for you.

Benefits of Self-positioning
Knowing your self-positioning settles, simplifies and focuses the mind so you can have greater self love, self trust, self respect, self belief, self esteem, self direction, self confidence and self focus to make bold fearless evolutionary powerful actions that serve your and others progress.

From complexity of information to simplicity of self-knowledge
This transforms the complexity of the information age into the simplicity, uncomplicatedness, unity and truthfulness of the self-knowledge age. This prevents leaders, and those they lead, being fooled or caught up in partial knowledge because they know the source of their unique intelligence and what expands their happiness, peace, love and bliss. Everyone is naturally charmed and wants more of these qualities. Having these qualities lively in your self you can extend them to others and more powerfully influence your environment. Not happy in your self you notice more what others are doing and are distracted.

World-class people have coherent mind-brain-heart integration
All of the above is more spontaneously realized by having coherent mind-brain-heart integration. Research has shown world-class people have this integration. This means it’s not just about doing 10,000 hours of something to have mastery of it, because some people can do that and still not be world-class, it’s also about having a coherent integrated mind-brain-heart functioning. Generally, this is done by any practices that rejuvenate and remove stress, like exercise, yoga, meditation and healing modalities, which allows the mind-brain-heart-body to be more integrated

Evolution trumps everything for New Mavericks
New Maverick leaders are clear on the destination and don’t get attached or distracted on the journey and how it unfolds because they have evolved a high level of integration. Even not getting something right or failing is an inspiration to continue to evolve and develop.

Our experts on New give insights and techniques to support you in developing greater self-knowledge plus know how in your area of interest so you can conquer distractions and be in your Zone.

  “3 Steps to be in Your Unique Zone”


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