New Mavericks Integration Zone Webinar #2

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Big Vision to Concrete Reality

Harnessing Character, Capacity & Chemistry to Stay in The Zone

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expert_Raamon New Mavericks co-founder Raamon Newman leads off with the “essence” statement that a Big Vision is the wholeness of what you want to see happen

Harnessing Character, Capacity & Chemistry

These are the qualities required to bring that vision/ wholeness into concrete reality. An enlightened leader is able to able to see the whole and the parts and integrate the two.

The biggest issue and responsibility top leaders have is bringing big visions into concrete reality

Our top client, who leads a $6 billion per year revenue company often gets asked when his company is looking at a new business “how are we going to do this deal?”. His stock reply is, “I don’t know….but we will”. What is it that allows him to say these six words? Our speakers are going to reveal what allows a leader to have this kind of confidence.

They boiled down to the three C’s in our title.

  • Character who we are and what we’re made of, our very being and essence, it’s pretty much our greatest intangible asset as a leader.
  • Capacity is the depth and breath of your ability to bring our character into our work and leadership through our behavior, it’s the software the runs us
  • Chemistry is the structure of how we are wired in mind-heart-brain and body, our hardware in the form of our brain and constitutional make up

New Mavericks is all about taking these three values, which we are translating into best practices, and applying them to be in what we call a leaders Integration zone. The by-product of being in this integration zone is Integrated Success.[/su_column][/su_row]

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[su_spacer size=”20″]Character is who you are and what you are made of. Most people think of this in terms of personality and various attributes…but what are we really made of? Who we are and what we are fundamentally made of is consciousness! Consciousness is the most intimate source of who we are and common to all, without it we wouldn’t be able to perceive or relate to anything.

Consciousness is a leaders most precious resource

All awareness, thoughts, feelings, creativity and energy for speech and action come from consciousness. If we want better thoughts, feelings, creativity and energy for better actions we need more consciousness. It’s that simple. Einstein said it this way:

“problems cannot be solved on the level of consciousness that created them”. 

New Mavericks know current performance cannot be changed without changing consciousness. Greater consciousness gives clearer vision, better character,  greater capacity and improved chemistry within and between people to move forward in the best and fastest way possible with less stress and friction.

Consciousness is a New Maverick’s ultimate power switch as tapping unbounded consciousness allows leaders to access more brain reserve potential for more effortless command over ourselves, others and environment. Consciousness is where real game changing leadership starts. Leadership is an inside job with the activate ingredient being expanded consciousness.

What consciousness really is 

Consciousness is more than the faculty of self-awareness or self-identity or image it is that unseen field of intelligence. It is like wireless communicate, we can’t see it work, yet it does. We’re literally swimming in this field of consciousness 24/7. Consciousness is the light in a film projector that projects all your thoughts and images of your mind clearly onto the screen of your life. The brighter the light of consciousness, the more clearly you project your desires and actions into the world.

For example, the organizing power of consciousness is at work when you meet the right person at the right time without you planning it logically. More consciousness allows more synchronicity to happen.

Our client’s experience of having more consciousness

“I feel like I’ve been supercharged over this last year of working with you guys. I wake up earlier with more creativity. I seem to have more time in my day even though I’m busy. I’m more “in the now” than I have ever been. My staff comments everything I touch is turning to gold. I am more aware to avoid get ting tired, as I now know this prevents the wheels from falling off. I’ve realized I no longer want to face challenges and problems like in the past, I want more of the experience I’m now having as a business leader; having more and more support from nature. Where have you guys been, thank you for guiding me in culturing this kind of support.” 

Jason Gunn , Founder/Managing Director , Oliver’s Real Foods, Australia 

Consciousness is the underlying field of who we are….this may seem like a abstract reality of who we are… Michael will elaborate on how to take this all powerful field of consciousness and integrated it into how we express it in our personality and character. [su_row]

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Michael Sternfeld, New Mavericks Producer & Host, explains consciousness is a state of being that comes into our inner state and personality.

This happens from being in the zone where we experience qualities such as:

  • un-self-conscious invincibility
  • detached observation
  • total concentration
  • tranquility
  • euphoric joy
  • the sense that this kind of experience makes life worth living

Flow is the optimal state of consciousness where we perform our best. Making these qualities stable is through the integration zone.

Some character triggers for being in the zone are:

  • Being in a state of gratefulness.
  • Being in a state of flow
  • Being in a letting go state to shift to the field of all possibilities.

Read more about this in this Forbes article we were highlighted in.


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Warren Blank 2014 for Michael 2

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Dr. Warren Blank, President The Leaders Group, a leadership and organizational development firm founded in 1986, He is one of the top management trainers in the world. The Leadership Group develops leaders at all organizational levels by training, consulting and speaking with organizations world-wide. His clients include over 70 Fortune 500 firms and over 100 different government organizations. He is the author of five leadership books and holds a Ph.D. and MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

Dr Blank explains leadership comes from the inside and transcends command and control. Leaders spark awareness and fill in the gaps of awareness, perceiving what others don’t.

Going into the gap of consciousness they gain another perspective and can challenge existing reference points. It is asking questions what is it I don’t know? What are the bias? The most important skill is expanding consciousness, going into the gap to gain better understanding.

Leaders job is to hold the most comprehensive frame of reference.


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Dr. Alarik Arenander, President of Leaders Brain Consulting. He is a leading neuroscientist specializing in the leaders brain and has been conducting brain research for some 45 years. Past faculty at UCLA and MERU in Switzerland, Alarik is Director of the Brain Research Institute and President of The Leader’s Brain Consulting Group. He has presented internationally for some 30 years to business, military, and government agencies on enhancing creative potential of the individual and institutions by utilizing evidence-based methods to maximize brain potential.

The brain is subject to neuro-plasticity so gives the possibility to go from good to great. Conventional development misses out on the neuroplasticity the brain has. Meditation unfreezes human potential and gives the ability to gain another perspective.

  • Integrated brain coherence creates:
  • Moral reasoning
  • Creativity
  • Inner Orientation
  • Grasp of Concepts
  • Moral reasoning
  • Increase executive control of brain
  • More orderliness in the brain allows higher levels of performance

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Paolo D’Angelo, New Mavericks Founder comments what is most important is how aware we are of ourselves, this is the basis of leadership. Analyzing thoughts and feelings doesn’t cut it, influencing the future does.

DIALOGUE with Warren & Alarik facilitated by Raamon and Michael

SUMMARY by Raamon and Michael

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