Journey to Self Love and Self-Belief

By on January 11, 2015

New Mavericks is about game changing leadership in all areas and on all levels of life. We’re all first and foremost leaders of our own personal inner lives. No matter what stage you’re at you can choose to step up in your life, creating, commanding and engineering what you want to see happen no matter what the circumstances. These are qualities you can develop in your children from a young age with certain nursery rhymes and stories too.

Inner Game-Changing Journey to Self Love and Belief

Below is a inner game-changing journey to self love and self belief of a dear friend in the Ukraine, her name is Julia Angel. She is an up and coming singer/songwriter with aspirations to do this globally. Her story demonstrates great New Maverick personal leadership qualities in terms of how she gains a strong grip of her inner game and reality as the basis for mastering her outer game as an artist.

Her story demonstrates great resilience, courage and inner strength to continue progressing on her path despite strong internal and external conflicts. She is a great reflection of the Ukrainian spirit, which has gone through some deep transformations this past year. Enjoy her story and music below and watch out for her presence on the global stage in the near future. Take it away Julia!

Journey to Self Love and Self-Belief

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I was never a spiritual person. I lived an ordinary life like all other people did. Yet I am going to tell you why I started searching for answers and deeper meanings of everything in my life.

My upbringing and growing pains

I wouldn’t ever say my life was bad. I have great loving and caring parents both alive. I have a brother that I’m good friends with. We have never been rich materially but we also never felt hungry and always had good clothes to wear. I am educated and I always have a job. I am so thankful to God for all this. That’s why I have always felt I was the richest girl on the planet despite of all other things I didn’t have. But sometimes we had so much anger and fights in the family. I became very impulsive and frustrated. I didn’t have good relationships with my schoolmates. But I still don’t understand why, because in school I was a shy, friendly and vulnerable child.

My dream and humble beginnings

Like all normal people on Earth I have dreams and goals. They might seem too big, but for me they are not. One of the biggest is to become a world-wide known popular singer. I have always known that soon I was going to make this dream come true.

Julia meditation

I have been singing since I can remember. One of the brightest moments I had was the evening I first came up onto a stage. I was about 7. My dad forced me to sing a song I sincerely hated. It was a Russian song popular at that time. That song was so trivial and poor that I didn’t understand why I should sing it. I stood in front of the crowd and felt so small, shy and ashamed of that song. I started shaking and feeling nervous. I barely sang a half of the song, and suddenly I just started crying and ran away behind the curtain. Dad was mad and yelled at me. It was not the best moment in my life. And I think my relationship with music and singing started in an absolutely wrong way.

After that dad decided it was a great idea to make extra money singing and playing music at weddings, birthdays and other events. My dad sang, not badly, and played instruments. And my older brother did it as well. So the three of us started this business. We did pretty well but had many quarrels during rehearsals. At that moment I blamed my father and hated music he wanted me to sing.

Transitioning to American Music and English speaking

I was a fan of American music. I wanted to be an English speaking person, to be able to write and sing songs I wanted. I started listening to some American singers. Learning English became my goal and hobby at the same time.

No one ever made me do this. I learned English by myself, because I knew it would be very useful for my future and the business I was going to be in. I started trying to write in English. Then I got a friend in America via Internet and she helped me to adapt some of the lyrics.

Julia Live

Then I remember myself sitting at the computer installing the program which helped me to experiment with different sounds and beats. I tried to make arrangement to one of my songs and did it.

Soon after I sang my own first song in public and then sang at school events and competitions. I studied at music school but I left due to my dad’s pressure, it was too high for me to love this process. He always forced me to do something. At that time it was too much. Only now I realize how thankful I should be to him, because he instilled my love for music and made me go in the right direction.

Trusting my heart through ups and downs

Then I graduated from high school and left for a big city, where I had to study at the university. The first two years I was deep in studies and almost stopped singing. After I decided find a job, but never left studying. As it turned out later, all that never made me happy. I would still feel incomplete and miss something. Deep in the heart I always knew I should sing. I got lucky to have both parents believing in me, their faith has always helped me through falls and downs. So, wherever I went and whatever I did, I always came back to singing. I thought it would be better for me to improve my vocal and make myself be more professional. So, I found a teacher of vocal. And after some time I felt more confident in singing. I started meeting creative people connected to music. I got a job in a night club and became happier.

Breaking thru

One day I came to my teacher. We talked about music. Olga asked me why I still didn’t have my own album, because she knew I wrote something. After talking she got me very inspired and excited about this idea. I said to myself, “Why not? I can do this!”… And very soon I was sitting at the studio recording my songs. Then I got a video done. I think it was maybe a bit childish, because I had no experience and it was the very first time doing this. Plus I had no rich producer helping me. As a result, I got an album consisting of nine songs, and a video. I decided to let people know about me and my work. My friends from the night club, where I worked, helped me to bring this idea to life. I was scared, unconfident and vulnerable. I was insecure and didn’t really like the arrangements of the songs. I am a perfectionist. But for that time it was enough. The presentation went well. There even were representatives of the local TV channel who interviewed me, my video and interview went on air!

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Something was Missing

All seemed to be successful… but… I hadn’t much faith in my heart. I always felt there was something wrong, I couldn’t define. I was never satisfied with all I was doing and the results I had. Criticizing myself all the time, I became very upset with myself and other people. I got angry at anybody, who criticized me. Step by step, I started hating music and singing. I always compared myself to other famous singers. I worried and cared too much what other people said about my singing.

All stopped as it started. I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t have connections and still was not confident. Plus to all of that, I never felt happy in my personal life. Soon I felt so lonely, empty and not knowing what to do. I didn’t know anymore, what was right and what was wrong. I simply felt miserable. Sometimes I fell down into deep depressions and then felt better, but still not what I wanted.

Inner Game realizations and transformations

When I couldn’t bare that feeling anymore and realized that I came to this world for one thing, to be happy. There was something I didn’t know, that wasn’t lying on the surface and couldn’t see. I started searching for answers to questions I never asked. I was talking to God. I decided to change my life, because I knew I could have it all once I did. It didn’t take too long before I met a woman, who became my teacher and friend. She had a very hard life herself. Couldn’t be worse. But she overcame everything thanks to faith, consciousness and love. I understood many things and found all the answers to my questions. Since then my life has totally changed.

Consciousness and love changes everything

I realized how my own thoughts made me poor and unhappy. How my own fears, insecurities and boundaries made me miserable and limited. How I was the biggest rock standing in my own way, that didn’t let me go further. What miracles and love can do. How consciousness influences every single second of my life while making actions and decisions. How self love melts anger, jealousy and fears, and self belief takes you above all the limitations of the world. REd

These together fill your heart up with respect to yourself and others, confidence and faith. I fell in love with music and singing again. But this time it’s all in a different way. I finally love what I’m doing and never going to stop.

Belief in Miracles and Purpose

I believe in miracles, literally miracles. Because I am the creator of them. I am the creator of my whole life, destiny. We are all connected in this world and I believe I can change many people’s lives. I want to do it through the sincerity of my music. I want to be able to say I’ve done something meaningful in my life. I know this is my purpose here. I trust God is always with me to make my biggest dream come true.

Second first breath in life

I’m in a new stage in my life. Having all that baggage behind me, I’m not ashamed of my past anymore. Taking only the good with me, I’m starting a new life. I feel like I’m taking the first breath in my life, even though I’m 24 now and have a deep feeling of self love and self belief in what I am doing.

I wish everybody happiness, health and light. Then the world will become a much better place to live, and there will be peace and harmony in everybody’s heart.

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