Meditation is for Better Action

By on October 5, 2014

Real Meditation is meditation that allows you to transcend the surface levels of the mind and reach the source of thinking, is to prepare you for better action. Better action is having more of the right thoughts & actions at the right time in activity with eyes open.

For Better Decision Making

We should never make major decisions while meditating, as stress is being released. But after meditation we can use that new clarity of mind to reflect more deeply, in the light of common sense, about decisions and actions we are thinking of making.

Meditation for High Performance and Protecting High Performers

Meditation is being advocated by many top people these days to better handle the dynamic change of life. Top leaders actually have five times less thoughts than the average person because they have more settled and integrated minds.

This allows them to have more of the right thoughts at the right time and therefore be more productive. It’s like a lifeguard who can’t help a drowning person until they settle down. When the mind is more settled you can help yourself and others can help you more.

Three Main Types of Meditation

There are three categories of meditation, focus attention techniques, self-monitoring techniques and automatic self-transcending techniques. The last category gives the full value of meditation as it creates global alpha coherence across all hemisphere’s of the brain. World class business leaders, movie directors, athletes and musicians have large amounts of this in their brain functioning, allowing them to have more of the right thoughts at the right time.

Iconic Filmmaker & Global Hedge Fund Leader describe & promote transcending for business and creativity

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Plus it can potentially Change your Negative Habits and Life

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There’s 8 Great Scientifically Validated Reasons to Meditate

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The Difference Between Meditation & Transcendental Meditation

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