My Top Workout Tips

By on October 5, 2014

1. Define your goal. Have a “plan” of what you are setting out to accomplish so that you maintain perseverance and dedication. Write it down and look at it for inspiration.

2. Be true to yourself. Believe in your abilities and know that you are capable of accomplishing your goals.

3. Stay positive! Give yourself compliment rather than finding faults.

4. Empower yourself with knowledge about making the right choices in your fitness goals.

5. Eat right! Don’t “diet.” Take vitamins. Drink H2O.

6. Define your fitness personality. Find a fitness routine that you enjoy, and look forward to doing. This enables you to stick to it more effectively.

7. Try, try again. If you stray from you goal, get back on track and keep moving without self-punishment.

8. Find support, and get feedback from an educated resource.
Constructive criticism can help you gain a new perspective.

9. Show up. Be there physically, and the rest will happen naturally.

10. Dare to try something different – add intervals to your training, up the intensity, buy a heart-rate monitor, take a new aerobic class, dance!

11. Let the music play. Download your favorite songs to keep you motivated, happy, and free from boredom.

12. Breathe. Deep breathing is relaxing, empowering, and allows you to re-focus, and energize your body.

13. Sleep.

14. Keep a journal of your trials and tribulations. Track your progress.

15. Reward yourself for your hard work. Get a pedicure for those aching feet. Sorry, cheeseburgers and fries don’t count! 🙂


About Melissa Zugell

Dance Fitness Instructor Coming from a dance background, Melissa Zugell has been dancing since she could remember. Learning everything from Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom to Slovenian Folk dance (her heritage!), she has come to share her truest passion for dance and fitness with others. Melissa’s combined passion for dance and fitness enabled her to seek innovative and effective techniques for her training, and is highly experienced in a variety of fitness practices. She is an AFFA certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer; a successful and accredited Zumba Fitness instructor 7+ years; certified Piloxing instructor; trained and completed Red Velvet fitness training.