New Maverick Leadership Blueprint


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Get Twelve Insights for Game Changing Leadership From Within

From Globally Trusted CEO Development Advisors
Paolo D’Angelo & Raamon Newman

Ever felt disempowered as leader, because you’re not getting as much support and cooperation as you’d like?

Or you have a vision but your reality is not matching your vision as fast as you’d like, and you’re frustrated and angry you can’t fulfill what you want?

Every leader requires greater ability to command what they want to see happen in the most evolutionary direction because the nature of life is to progress towards complete fulfillment.

If you’re tired of status quo leadership principles and practices that get you somewhere but don’t give you full command for seeing and creating the future you want to see happen then it’s time to upgrade to New Maverick Leadership.

“The old principle of leadership & security is collapsing and the a new principle of leadership and security is emerging to give greater stability, abundance and peace to everyone. The old security was based on individual desire & action alone, the new principle of security is based on collective desire and action and silence & wisdom together.”

Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk are two Great Maverick leaders who have and are transforming the trends of time and space, literally.

Yet the future requires even more evolved leaders with even higher intelligence to command and accomplish greater things that serve the stability, abundance and peace of everyone.

In this New Maverick Leadership Blueprint you’ll learn:

  1. What a New Maverick Leader Is 
  1. Why New Maverick Leadership is Required Right Now
  1. Twelve Insights for Being a New Maverick Leader

Don’t be left behind being a status quo leader, join the new mold of highly evolved leaders who have more command of themselves as the basis for seeing, creating and commanding what they want to see happen in the most evolutionary direction.

Install the New Maverick Leadership Blueprint into your leadership awareness and decision making today, to begin to enjoy and command greater stability, abundance and peace for yourself and everyone you lead.