Robert Dickman on Leadership through Story

By on January 18, 2016

Robert Dickman gives insightful leadership tips from great movies, showing how leadership through story has a powerful influence.

Bull Durham

& Overcoming Performance Anxiety

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Being There & The Importance of Listening

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Walker & Boundaries Can Save Your Life

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A Mirror For Hire

story-drives-influenceWriter, speaker and coach Bob Dickman holds up a mirror to leaders who have the courage to look at themselves closely, and do what it takes to increase their competitive edge. Collaborating with senior management teams, he has coached and developed trainings for clients at Banana Republic,The New York Times Company, Aramark, California Academy of Science, Ford Motor Company, Nike and The United States Naval Post Graduate School, and many others. Connect with him through his website and learn further how you can enhance your leadership through story.


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