Self Awareness: The Limitless Fountainhead of Leadership

By on September 30, 2015

Self-awareness is the one thing we all wish we had when we realize we can’t find our keys, our phone, that last profound thought you just had, or that thing you should have said to that person at that moment to influence them in a better way but didn’t!

Damn those things…but more so…damn that lack of Self Awareness that slows our progress and negativity affects our health, wealth and happiness and, quite simply, wastes our time, energy and money!

(NB…sometimes forgetting our keys or whatever can be a good thing if it leads to a better outcome (aka dumb luck self-awareness) …but if it doesn’t… it’s doing life and leadership the hard way, not the smart way).

Wait a minute Raamon…. you’re saying high performing leaders simply have more Self Awareness and that’s why they perform better?….

yep…turns out the research below is confirming Self-awareness (awareness of how you’re affecting yourself, others and the environment and how the environment and others are affecting you) is the key thing to have not just to find our keys or phone but also to find the path of least resistance in the change and chaos of our exponentially accelerating world.

It is that simple…where can we get more of this?

First, see for yourself…so you can believe even more.

It comes from our good friends at the Korn Ferry Institute, who we are deeply thankful for this type of game-changing intel.

A Better Return on Self Awareness


It’s HIGH TIME this TRUTH Be Known

It is high time the world knows about this simple truth about top performing leaders…. and more importantly…how we can all develop more Self Awareness to take leadership in the world to the next level.

This is a turning point for us here at Team New Mavericks as it’s as signal that we can now start unfolding to all you VIP readers formula’s and programs for heightening your Self Awareness….something we do every day with our elite client partners.

You’ll see in the article, they have a definition of Self Awareness:

“Self-awareness—knowledge of one’s strengths and weaknesses, ability to admit mistakes, and tendency to reflect.”

and suggest one thing for heightening Self Awareness…

“Fostering a healthy culture of feedback might be one way to leverage human capital to drive corporate performance.”

Yes indeed, pretty good definition and very useful outside in approach!

Our definition is a bit broader and specific, as you’ll see below. The outside in approach to developing more Self Awareness can be limited as a person’s capacity to receive, metabolize and integrate feedback depends of the levels of stresses, vices and issues in their mind and heart that block this from happening effortlessly. So this approach needs to be supplemented by an inside out approach.

If you’ve seen the movie and new TV show Limitless you’ll know what I’m talking about, except we’re not going to be popping pills like Bradley Cooper’s character. We’re going to be popping gems of wisdom and consciousness to support developing and refining your limitless Self-awareness.

New Mavericks Self Awareness Definition

New Mavericks Self awareness approach integrates the outside in approach with the inside out approach and has three components:

  1.  How you perceive yourself: very important to know who you are, what you are good at and what your higher purpose is and that you like, love and trust yourself, your skill and purpose. If you can’t, it’s hard for others to. Also knowing how to eliminate and neutralize inner stress, issues, weaknesses and vices that block you from perceiving the truth about yourself and how you affect others in your environment is also very important.
  1. How you perceive others: seeing others potential to know how to strengthen their strength’s and take care of their weaknesses
  1. How you want others to perceive you: yes, you can actually decide how you want others to perceive you by the way to project and express yourself
  1. How you perceive your future: Where you’re able to more clearly see your dream and destiny, or at least a bit more of it, so you’re inspired to take  practical action towards it everyday.

How your awareness perceives these four things determines how you are projecting yourself to your business and marketplace, and therefore your influence. Integrating all four through a process of inner and outer dialogue creates a powerful congruence between your how you perceive yourself and how the world percieves you.

A lot of leaders today are realizing the power of taking the time to reflect to be more productive. This allows them to come up with their own beliefs, which become projections, that are useful and relevant to them and their team. Doing this enables them to live and express them more spontaneously. Take time each week to do this and you’ll start to be more Self aware, show up in a better more congruent way and have more presence and influence.

Knowing these you are more aware of how you are affecting yourself, others and the environment and how the environment and others are affecting you. Then you can calmly, cooly and collectedly make the adjustments to integrate and harmonize all four. Get a taste of some of our self awareness leadership hacks below and subscribe to get future ones.

The key thing to know about Self awareness

Self awareness is the fountainhead of leadership because it gives the leaders mind more knowingness to feel and see more possibilities and how to position themselves for maximum progress towards realizing their vision. Self awareness is the sword Dr. Stephen Covey talks about as the 7th Habit of Highly effective people, that is now documented to be well worth sharping. Because out of Self awareness comes more initiative, courage, energy, commitment and creativity! BOOM…we have complete leadership development because Self awareness is the wholeness that is greater than all the parts of leaderships and ties them all together!!

Mastering Self Awareness Development

Here on Team New Mavericks, we specialize in developing leaders conscious capacity so they are more Self Aware. Paolo and I each spent 10-15 years meditating full-time to give us a foundation of Self Awareness to support leaders with their Self Awareness, it was no small sacrifice to do this. Now, we don’t expect leaders to make this amount of sacrifice to develop their Self awareness unless they really want to. The point is we are in position to give you the short-cut hacks and insights to develop and integrate more Self awareness into your leadership. We’ve been through a very intense, grueling yet very rewarding process of developing higher states of Self awareness for ourselves and now really want to support others in their process so they can capture this fort of all leadership traits.

EUREK-ALERT: Super charge your Self awareness with this proven technique

Rolling Out Formula’s for Developing Total Self Awareness

Stay tuned, as we’ll be rolling out programs and formula’s for all you New Mavericks out there in the next 90 days and beyond based on our Self awareness development experience working with top CEO’s over the last decade… plus intel from other top neuroscientists, therapists, leaders and coaches. These formulas and programs will be thick with the latest and best Self Awareness developing content and techniques that we are using to give our elite award-winning CEO client partners that all important Self awareness leadership edge.

These Self awareness development programs and formula’s will be around such subjects as:

  • Breaking through seen and unseen obstacles to progress
  • Having Winning Energy
  • Developing Invincible Health
  • Spontaneous Right Action Leadership
  • Developing Deeper Chemistry & Connection in Relationships & Teams
  • Creating and Staying in a High Performance State

Our goal with these programs is to guide and support you in capturing, developing and mastering the fountainhead leadership power switch of all power switches. Your & your teams Self Awareness!!

Yours in total Self awareness hacking!







ps I’ve had plenty of experiences where Self awareness, or lack of, has won me the day or caused me to re-evaluate my approach be it in sport, business, relationships or life. From the time I won two regional track titles in one weekend because I knew exactly the right time to make the winning move to burning out of the sport because I had no awareness of how to recover, from being in the right position to receive a pass to score a winning try in Rugby to making the wrong move that lost an opportunity to win the game, from getting involved too soon in a relationship to making the right choice for a life long partner.

Any story’s or comments you’d like to share about how Self Awareness, or lack of, that has impacted your or others leadership are most welcome and respected.

oops…my self awareness just kicked in ;-)….also…please spread the word us New Mavericks are hacking this vital subject matter for leaders…the more good you do the more good self awareness  comes to you….. plus you’ll have more self aware leaders around you= higher collective self awareness amplify’s the benefits for everyone…especially the one’s spreading it! 😉

Case and point, I left a suit jacket at a LA restaurant recently. Fortunately, I had enough self-awareness to go to lunch with another self aware leader who reminded me 30 feet away from the restaurant about it. So glad I didn’t have to drive all the way back across LA to get it again! Thanks Self-awareness, you saved the day again!!


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