1) Ebos Group Limited

As a “veteran” CEO with a long track record of 25 years in the listed company environment I’ve always been curious how a self-motivated person reinvigorates “thinking”. Clear ideas along with the inner confidence to carry them out drive success. Sustaining and feeding this inner drive has been assisted by the clarity that personal “quiet time” provides. This, along with the sessions with Paolo and Raamon has heightened my awareness and understanding of the great practical value of this for others and myself. This has raised new ideas, new ways of looking at things and understanding people (including myself). It provides the ”glue” for a common and valuable shared experience. The calls give an opportunity to step outside the normal work routine and provide a platform to look at issues in a fresh and positive way, making the calls a very useful tool to “work on the business” rather than “in” the business.

Their approach, supported by scientifically validated technologies for developing human potential, we hope will continue to assist us as we grow. Their cutting edge approach as been around for millenniums yet it has been deeply misunderstood in terms of its highly practical value in today’s fast-paced modern world. There is nothing new under the sun; we have just simply forgotten some of the most valuable timeless principles and practices that truly serve us in developing our human potential or at very least our own good health, balance and well being. Paolo and Raamon provide great clarity around the topic of “real knowledge” and minimize the clutter in our daily lives that dulls thinking. Whether you are generation X, Y or Z just one call with these gentlemen will open up a new field of all possibilities, insights and support for becoming the best person and leader you can be.

Organizing the biggest deal in our corporate history involved long hours, tight time frames and multiple go/no go hurdles etc…and multiple possibilities for stress. Despite this I personally feel like I am the eye of the storm…all is calm and relaxed! Interestingly, since our session yesterday, a few issues seem to be falling into place”.

Mark Waller, Chairman & Former CEO, Ebos Group Limited


2) Hawthorne Direct

“New Mavericks have been a catalyst for very dramatic changes of me on many levels personal and professional. Having a team of people with high quality attention intently focused on my personal and company growth has brought about a number of surprising positive transformations. I have a greater sense of invincibility, inner peace and affluence as a result of their empowering intentions and attention as well as their profound insights and wisdom.

If you are looking for a new and profound way to transform your personal energy and performance, and that of your business, I highly recommend having an introductory call with the team at New Mavericks to experience the effect they have in minimizing negativity, removing obstacles, creating clarity about yourself and your business which bring about enhanced well being and good fortune.”

Tim Hawthorne, Founder, Hawthorne Direct



“These guys are deep thinkers. They help me think outside my limitations and the blocks I have created. They assist me to see myself based on my potential. As I change my view of myself the perceived problem also changes. This enables me to move forward with confidence and clarity. You bring out the contrast between situations and circumstances and find out what resonates most importantly to me through the process of dialogue. You find out what is relevant to me and what I need to understand to transform myself.”

Phil Prosser, Founder/CEO FEEDBACK ASAP


4) Oliver’s Real Foods

“I feel like I’ve been supercharged over this last year of working with you guys. I wake up earlier with more creativity. I seem to have more time in my day even though I’m busy. I’m more “in the now” than I have ever been. My staffs are commenting that everything I touch is turning to gold. I find I am more aware to avoid getting tired, as I now know this prevents the wheels from falling off. I’ve realized I no longer want to face challenges and problems like in the past, I want more of the experience I’m now having as a business leader; I find I am having more and more support from nature. Where have you guys been, thank you for guiding me in culturing this kind of support.”

Jason Gunn, Founder/CEO, Oliver’s Real Foods


5) Ebos Healthcare

­­­­­­­­”The calls I have with Paolo and Raamon are highly insightful, providing the link between self development and the practical application to business, which I have not found elsewhere. I find the time spent invaluable for stopping to reflect deeply and meaningfully, helping challenge long held views and conventional practices and see things for what they really are, which is necessary in our fast paced and rapidly changing world. This has resulted in greater clarity of though and heightened awareness which I believe has made me more effective as a GM. Having regular calls provides me with timely practical supportive input, giving a more comprehensive perspective of matters which in turn enables me to act with more clarity and confidence, keeping me on track and ensuring that lasting change and development can be effected.”
Kelvin Hyland, GM Ebos Healthcare


6) IRTH Communications

Thank you Raamon and Paolo, you have been instrumental in helping me to move forward with a deep inner and outer transformation that I have been working on for many years. In the 18 months I have been working with you, I have accelerated in changing from being a generally angry and overly aggressive person, to experiencing an increasing inner serenity and love. My position as a partner in corporate communications firm is quite intense, due to the hopes and dreams of many CEO’s and shareholders riding on their company as it is expressed in the stock market, so having a calm disposition is critical to being effective in my position, and to not taking the stresses of the day home with me. My regular sessions with you have helped me to have a more compassionate and holistic perspective on life, which has led to more fulfillment and purpose for me in many ways. You have helped me develop a feeling of real inner love and fulfillment grow inside of me, but which I am now committed to nurturing on a regular basis through continuing to work with them and through daily acts of compassion and through helping others.

Robert Haag, Founder/Managing Director, IRTH Communications


7) EBOS International

“Through working with Paolo and Raamon over the past few months I’ve have gained more clarity and certainly a better realization of the importance of developing the mind. As a by-product I physically feel better, I now I am thinking more clearly and see solutions with greater ease. While the rewards are on a personal level, I feel the whole team has now a more focused manager with greater conviction. Thanks again, I enjoy the sessions.”

Bernie Davies, Manager | EBOS International


8) EBOS Healthcare

“Understanding the benefits of both quiet time meditation and each call that we have had has been great for me over the past few months. At time I have questioned myself over the relevance as to where this process was taking me but I do understand that having the ability to understand better the need to be able to focus on what is coming up in the near and far future has given me a better insight as to my ability to handle stress, staff and people in general. Over the past couple of months I have realised more as to “Where I am” and where I need to be due to focusing on “ME”. I also better understand how people are reacting to my actions and how I react to others as well. Cheers for the support throughout.”

John Mathews, Sales Manager, EBOS Healthcare


9) Property Developer, New Zealand

“Firstly, many thanks to the both of you for a wonderful job you both are doing for me. You have gone beyond your call of duty in helping me during my most challenging times to-date.

For me this has been the most profound journey I have ever taken whilst in the depths of the current financial crisis. Rather than seeking answers & solutions that I know from mere text books (university/professional courses) or self-improvement courses I have sought solutions from deeper knowledge, which these traditional sources cannot provide. I had successful businesses & was going from strength to strength till one fine day the mother of all crisis the world has probably ever seen arrives & bang I was in the middle of it trying to salvage what I could & not winning. There was no one who could provide me with the real answers and solutions till another businessman who had been through a similar situation in the 87’ stock market crash referred me to Paolo and Raamon. They gave me the knowledge; advice & a profound technique that has helped me stabilize the situation from a personal & emotional level first and secondly with improvements in my business & financial situation now unfolding. I still continue to work with them & intend to do so forever.

I highly recommend your services to anyone seeking to find true & everlasting success in all walks of life just not business. It is important that anyone who uses your consultation services realize that this not a quick fix solution or any hype that most self-improvement gurus/consultants profess or deem to provide. One may be a business person/entrepreneur or employee however if you truly want to find everlasting & permanent success in all aspects of your life these are the guys you need to talk to. The foundations for true & everlasting success does not lie somewhere outside but within each one of us, no one knows & understands this better than Paulo & Raamon.

They are not psychologists or positive thinking experts who psyche you into some positive self talk to change you, this is not a subconscious changing technique. This is taking you to the roots of your very existence, the level from which all nature operates & ensures that you operate in adherence with nature & the infinite creative intelligence that is ever present in us and around us. This is the very basis of life on earth, the true & profound knowledge that goes way beyond the intellect, ego & subconscious mind. You are spot on the bulls eye with what you give me, finding people who give what you give is like finding a needle in a haystack.”

Porous Dumasia, Property Developer, New Zealand


10) Labor Lawyers

“I really enjoy these calls, they’re really powerful and bring me back to a place where I need to be.  The calls add a lot of balance to my awareness of the holistic values for thinking and action that I can lose sight of in my business. It tunes me up, with more focus and awareness. Things get broken down on the call so I become clearer about my situation.  The value of what you guys are doing is always unfolding, and becomes more and more valuable. The calls re-orientate my thinking to not think along the same lines, that’s the value, it’s huge”.

Stuart Baesel, Partner, Labor Lawyers


11) The O’Halloran Group

“All these calls are powerful, they are reality check calls and very exclusive to me. They reaffirm an inner belief that reminds me of what is real on the inside, which in turn puts me back on track. This past year has been incredibly eye opening. You guys are the best and have changed the way I look at things in daily life. You have helped me have more courage and honesty with myself and all people in my life, my happiness is the highest it has been since I can remember. I needed two warriors like you guys to guide me through this time. I am focusing more on inner silence, which I learned from you guys, act out of inner silence. You’re training for a year will always be with me the rest of my life. I feel the best I have felt in a long time and I owe a lot to you both for your knowledge and inspiration.”

Tim O’Halloran, Realty Broker, The O’Halloran Group