The 3 Proven Keys for Peak Performance, Part 1

By on November 10, 2014

The secrets of creating peak performance in all areas of life based on what research has found.

New Mavericks host Michael Sternfeld interviews the leading researcher in the field of Peak Performance, Dr. Harold Harung. Based on his extensive research with world-class athletes and CEOs, Dr. Harung has developed a new theory of peak performance. His model offers a comprehensive unified understanding of the key components that create peak performance, including brain integration, mature psychology, peak experiences, and the mind-brain coherence of the people in the peak performer’s environment.



About Michael Sternfeld

Producer and Body-centered Therapist Michael Sternfeld is a body-centered therapist, who has combined his professional dance background with bodywork skills and an MA in Vedic Psychology, to create an integrated embodiment approach called, Body Presence. He is also a world class producer of epic events, featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, especially during a recent five-year stint as producer for the David Lynch Foundation. Learn more about Michael Sternfeld at Body Presence