The 3 Proven Keys for Peak Performance, Part 2

By on November 10, 2014

Expert tips on what works and what doesn’t work in creating peak performance.

The New Mavericks interview with Dr. Harold Harung continues, in an in-depth exploration of peak performance. In this episode, Dr. Harung draws upon his years of research with peak performers to offer insightful tips on what works and what doesn’t work in expanding our human potential. His work shows that many of the approaches commonly assumed to enhance peak performance actually offer only small increments of improvement. Education, past work experience, age, and incentives, for example, have been shown to effect only 1-3 percent improvements in performance.

Even practice (i.e., the well-known 10,000-hour rule to create expertise) can account for only 20-30 percent of increased performance results, and much less in high-functioning CEOs.

His research shows that the key element necessary to develop peak performance is mind-brain development. This mind-brain development is reflected in the degree of refinement and sophistication in the functioning of our mind and brain. To go beyond using only a small percentage of our brain’s capacity, he explains that we must train our brain to function with greater orderliness, economy and with higher alpha activity.



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