The 3 Proven Keys for Peak Performance, Part 3

By on November 10, 2014

How to fine-tune your brain so it functions like that of a world-class performer.

This third New Mavericks episode with peak performance expert Dr. Harold Harung explores those crucial factors that can really make or break our success. You will learn what makes your brain tick, as Dr. Harung shows us how we can create and sustain peak levels of performance in all areas of life. He reveals the three proven keys to develop mind-brain integration: exercise, music, and meditation techniques that have a positive effect on this mind-brain development.

Of the three approaches, meditation seems to be the most significant. Research has shown that this process of regular, deep, systematic transcending develops all the qualities that are found in world-class performers. It has also shown Transcendental Meditation or TM to be the most effective form of meditation in producing these results.



About Michael Sternfeld

Producer and Body-centered Therapist Michael Sternfeld is a body-centered therapist, who has combined his professional dance background with bodywork skills and an MA in Vedic Psychology, to create an integrated embodiment approach called, Body Presence. He is also a world class producer of epic events, featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, especially during a recent five-year stint as producer for the David Lynch Foundation. Learn more about Michael Sternfeld at Body Presence