The 3 Proven Keys for Peak Performance, Part 4

By on November 10, 2014

To sustain high performance, you have to change the way your brain works from the inside-out.

On this fourth and final New Mavericks Peak Performance episode, Dr. Harung offers his personal insights on what the world-class and high-performing execs have in common and what makes makes them tick. He observes that these individuals are very motivated–intrinsically motivated–and that they are also happy, enthusiastic, playful, and have a broader perspective on life. They test out as having high levels of moral reasoning, and they are very concerned about doing the right thing, as well as being great role models and change agents for society. Essentially, they are highly integrated. Dr. Harung describes how an integrated brain corresponds to integrated personality and behavior. Just as all the sectors of a business need to work in harmony to create real success, our brains need to work on this same level or coordination. Discussing how every mental activity has a corresponding activity on the level of our brain physiology, he draws a clear parallel between brain integration and the personality and behavioral patterns that go with them You change one, and you change the other. Meditation, for example, is a mental technique but has a profound effect on the neurophysiology of our brain.

There is a lot of skepticism these days about training people by just encouraging more positive or motivational thinking. To be more effective, he argues, you have to change the way your brain works. You have to systematically refine the brain, and that can’t be done just in a moment. In describing a vision of the future, he suggests that since we live in a scientific age, people will follow the research to create higher mind-brain development. This is especially true because it’s relatively effortless to create this higher mind-brain development. The result, he says, will not only be higher levels of performance but also increased well-being, happiness and fulfillment.



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