What I do Now is My Future

By on November 10, 2014

Appreciating ‘What is’ to Achieve Greater Success!

Take time to think about this powerful statement…

What I do now is my future.

What I’m experiencing now is from the past.

Powerful isn’t it?

There are many interpretations, possibilities and ideas that can spring from this statement.   That’s its beauty.

Yet there is only one profound truth. What we do now becomes our experience we have in the future – it’s a recurring,
infinite loop that never stops.

The statement’s brilliance is in bringing this into our consciousness; and we become the observer of our experience. We learn to appreciate ‘what is’, rather than allowing this experience in the here and now determine what we do now. We can let go and appreciate. ‘What is’ in this moment is just that. We’re neutral, indifferent and unattached to ‘what is’. It is therefore, vitally important to separate what you are experiencing now; as it is the sum total of your thoughts, feelings and actions of the past, from what you are doing now which is creating your future.

This is great and useful reminder for us all.

It means we never have to give up. More importantly we don’t have to give up. We can recreate our future in a heartbeat. This is a big challenge for leaders, as they can sometimes start a project and give up. However, if they appreciate what they’re experiencing now is based on decisions from the past, they can turn this around. They do this by becoming the observer of what they’re doing in this now! This way of being allows leaders to totally relax. They gain mastery of their future by letting go and appreciating ‘what is’ with no complaint and no judgement.

This is not exclusive to leaders. We can all become masterful in creating the future we want, rather than feeling emotionally dictated to by the past. It is in knowing that what we do now creates our future experience. It allows us to continue and believe we can progress; we can reinvent moment by moment.

Nonetheless how do we determine what to do moment by moment? This is not an analytical question in itself, how could it be? Nor could it exclusively be determined by our heart or gut instincts. It goes deeper than this; it goes to trusting ourselves in whatever we choose to do, based on having a coherent integrated mind and heart.

I once held a belief, that my future is dictated by my past; that my future is purely governed by my past. This is an analytical approach; it is a mistake in understanding.   The past, in this understanding, is determined by the story we created for and about ourselves from circumstances or incidences that occurred in the past.


A simple personal example of this was when I was 16 at an English boarding school in the university town of Cambridge. My house master called me into his office for a career advice talk. He told me that because of my poor exam results, he believed I wasn’t very intelligent. He couldn’t think of any career I could do except something like property surveying.

In that moment, I decided unconsciously I must be stupid. In that moment every decision I made from then on, unwittingly for far too many years, was predicated on the self image that I am stupid. The experiences I had as a consequence only served to reinforce and define my future experiences.

I had no freedom with this view of myself until I realised my past was just a story. It was not the truth. It was based on one man’s belief or a flippant statement not realising the impact of what he was saying to me. He was a very good teacher and I respected him greatly, but in that moment my future for the next 40 years was cast. The irony is, after school, I went on to gain a Master’s degree, to achieve many things in my career, and considered to be very intelligent. But I didn’t acknowledge what I’d achieved, and I didn’t believe people when they told me how intelligent I am – they didn’t know truly, now did they?

Simply, the way I broke this cycle was first to unshackle myself from believing this past event as the truth. Then secondly I chose that this past event would no longer dictate my future.

The process of unshackling was not a simple flick of a switch, it required time and discipline, after all I was shifting a lifetime belief paradigm!   The journey was started when I truly became an observer of my feelings, to truly recognize my emotions as just being that and nothing more. A metaphor for our emotions can be likened to the waves of the sea. Forever changing on the surface, but underneath the essence of the sea never changes; this is true for us too. Who we are underneath fundamentally never changes, yet in the middle of the waves of our emotional experience we believe our surface consciousness is what defines us. The first step to unshackling is to become aware of these emotions, the second is to become the observer of these emotions, and the third step to unshackling is simply a choice. I choose moment by moment not to have my negative emotions define who I am, I choose differently.

In this awareness, observation that my past is purely my story and choosing moment by moment to let go I achieved a high degree of freedom. However it wasn’t until a few years later through my executive advisors Paolo and Raamon, I gained a deep knowingness and appreciation of who I am and what I am here to do. This was like seeing for the first time below the waves deeper down into the sea, to the very essence of who I am. This was and still is profound for me.

The funny thing during all this time was that I believed being super intelligent was the way to be in life. The reality is being super intelligent is no guarantee for success. To achieve real success comes from knowingness and the appreciation for ‘what is’. It is this knowingness and appreciation that gives rise to a higher energy within us. And it’s this higher energy which is the true influencer to achieving success!

Let me remind you of the statement I started with in this article: ‘what I do now is for my future, what I am experiencing now is from the past.’ This statement is liberating. I can create moment by moment my future based on my knowingness of who I am and what I am here to do. I am no longer shackled by my past now. My story from the past no longer clouds my future.

And this can be for you too! Your story that clouds who you are and what you’re here to do, can be let go. Knowingness can be your clarity, your true north. Then moment by moment you’ll have the confidence to do, knowing you’re creating a future you want to experience. Therefore, what you are experiencing now should not influence what you do now.

Enjoy using this mantra (mind vehicle) below whenever you
feel shackled by life.

What I do now is my future.

What I’m experiencing now is from the past.


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